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Immune Function Restored in Mice with SCI

In a study that may hold promise for restoring immune function in people with spinal cord injuries, researchers at the Ohio State University Center for Brain and Spinal Cord Repair have restored immune function in mice with spinal cord injuries. People with SCI are often immune compromised. The study found that autonomic dysreflexia can cause […]

SCI Research Advocates Want Funding Restored

A group of New York residents with SCI, researchers and advocates want funding that was designated for spinal cord research to be restored after being diverted into the state’s general fund in 2010 by Gov. David Patterson. In 1998, former state trooper Paul Richter teamed up with Christopher Reeve and others to create the Spinal […]

SCI Life March 2013

SCI Life March 2013

Just Call Him the Face Gamer It’s no secret gaming is popular in the SCI world since it is a great way to escape limitations, but for quads getting in on the action, it can be tricky. But you don’t have to tell this to Chuck Bittner, a 38-year-old online gamer, comedian and all-around cool […]

Cure Research: Looking to the Future

Cure Research: Looking to the Future

“This is a big day. Twenty-six years ago my father made me a promise that there would be a cure for paralysis. Today we are taking a huge step to make it happen.” — Marc Buoniconti

Tim Gilmer

Bully Pulpit: Place Your Bets

The world of SCI research is evolving more rapidly now than ever before. The rats and cats and dogs and monkeys have served their time as guinea pigs, and now it’s time to bring the science out of the labs and into the lives of flesh-and-blood human beings, those of us living every moment with […]

Anti-cure protestors help or hurt?

Anti-cure protestors help or hurt?

They say protesters are a sign that our legal system is healthy, but the latest batch of protesters – a group of spinal cord injured individuals in Minnesota, protesting a bill that would fund spinal cord injury research – are really starting to irk me. They first revealed they were against the bill (when it […]

SCI research bill in MN gets a film

SCI research bill in MN gets a film

Whether you’re for it or against it, SCI research is here to stay. What do you think? Should the government fund spinal cord injury research, or do you think they should worry about care expenses (equipment, PCA wages)? With a proposed research bill in Minnesota this week, supporters and detractors have come out in full […]

FDA Approves Lyrica for Neuropathic Pain

In June the Federal Drug Administration approved Lyrica as the first drug to treat spinal cord injury-related nerve pain. Among those who may benefit is Trudy Messanger of Sevierville, Tenn., who has battled chronic neuropathic pain since being diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis in 2003. Lyrica has already given her some relief, she says. Massanger’s […]

Human Trials to Start

The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis announced July 31 that the FDA has approved a human clinical trial testing the safety of implanting a person’s own Schwann cells into newly-injured spinal cords. More info:

Rob Summers

Rob Summers: From Quad to Para and Beyond?

It almost looks easy — just apply 10 volts of electric current to the spinal cord and — voila! — a paralyzed man stands. Actually, the process of enabling a person with complete motor paralysis to stand voluntarily with the help of electrical stimulation may have begun more than four decades ago. In 1966 a […]