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Neurotech for Pain and Bladder Control

Neurotech for Pain and Bladder Control

Neurotechnology, the application of medical electronics to the human nervous system, is a field that addresses many needs of people with disabilities.

Chanda Hinton Leichtle

The Chanda Plan for Health

In 2005, Chanda Hinton Leichtle started The Chanda Plan Foundation, hoping to offer acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care and adaptive yoga to people with disabilities. Having experienced the benefits of these integrative therapies, her initial dream was to offer funding for those who can’t afford or lacked insurance coverage for the alternative integrative therapies. The Chanda […]

Hydrophilic Catheters May Reduce UTI Risk But Need a Separate Code

In the past, urinary tract infections were the primary cause of death for people with spinal cord injury. Today, those with SCI continue to have urinary tract complications, with UTI remaining the number one cause of hospital readmission. However, advances in intermittent catheterization — namely the use of hydrophilic-coated catheters — have reduced the risk […]

When Bob Vogel feels his energy dragging in the afternoon, he jumps on his trainer.

Handcycle Trainers for Fitness

In NEW MOBILITY’S September cover story, “E-Stim for Wellness,” Richard Holicky reported that the daily activities of the average person with SCI are not enough to maintain cardiovascular fitness, which results in high rates of cardiovascular disease, obesity, adult onset diabetes and high cholesterol among the SCI population. One of the benefits of FES is […]

Crowdsourcing for Care and Cure

Crowdsourcing for Care and Cure

Crowdsourcing has the potential to change how medical research is both funded and carried out — and this could have a major impact in the quest to cure SCI, MS and many other disabilities. Every aspect of research, from deciding what to study, to designing clinical trials, to finding subjects, may get an Internet-powered makeover. […]

The dreaded, but necessary, annual X-ray

The dreaded, but necessary, annual X-ray

My appointment for the dreaded annual mammogram is coming up fast. (Note to self: start praying now for a blinding blizzard to hit that morning.) It doesn’t make much sense that after all the medical challenges I’ve endured, my knees buckle (figuratively not literally, folks) at the thought of this X-ray. I’m sure most women […]

He wanted to dance; I didn't

He wanted to dance; I didn’t

How do you handle the embarrassing situation when a stranger pushes your wheelchair out on the dance floor with your permission?

Dead Too Soon or Right To Die?

Dead Too Soon or Right To Die?

Last Saturday Tim Bowers was paralyzed from the shoulders down when he fell out of a tree and crushed his C3-5 vertebrae. The next day, when his paralysis was explained to him, he chose to have his breathing tube removed and end his life. Bowers, age 32, an avid outdoorsman and recently married, father-to-be from […]

Chris Locke wakes up ready for anything now.

Breathing: CPAP for Sleep Apnea

Chris Locke was placed on CPAP for sleep apnea, and it was life-changing. “I’m able to think and hold a conversation. I have more patience to deal with BS. And I’ve lost weight.”

Bob Vogel

Para/Medic: Wound VAC Therapy

Q. I’m a T3 para, just now back in my chair after spending many months in bed healing a small pressure sore that was right over my left ischium (butt bone). I managed to heal it on my own, but the toughest part of the healing process was having to constantly change the dressing because […]