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16 Exercises for Quads

16 Exercises for Quads

The following 16 exercises and more can be found at PhysioTherapy Exercises for people with injuries and disabilities. Even though most of the illustrations depict a para, these exercises are designed to help quads strengthen their arms and shoulders with the assistance of a physical therapist. 1. Elbow extensor strengthening with pulleys Therapist’s aim: To […]

Aging With SCI: Good News, Bad News

Aging With SCI: Good News, Bad News

Living longer means we face the typical trials of aging on top of chronic disability issues.

Too Hot or Too Cold ... Why Won't SCI Let Me Sleep!?

Too Hot or Too Cold … Why Won’t SCI Let Me Sleep!?

I don’t think I’ve had a solid eight hours sleep in nine years. Sleep, that elusive minx, has evaded my life since my spinal cord was torn. I did snag one eight-hour night of sleep last July, but that was because I had just received the first round of bladder Botox injections of my life. […]

Wheelerchair Users: It's All About Joint Preservation

Wheelerchair Users: It’s All About Joint Preservation

The notion of joint preservation is hugely important as a wheelchair user. We overuse our joints every day.

Seven Rules to Guide Your Retirement

When is it time to retire? Your body will tell you long before your boss. Financial statements, pension plans and buyout deals are all important factors, of course, but if you’re struggling to get through the work day, if exhaustion or the symptoms of an illness have become your closest companion, then it may be […]

Anne Herman and her husband, Paul, try to look at positive aspects of age-related change. Initially troubled by the need for attendant care, Anne, C6-7, now welcomes it because it allows her to keep swimming.

Spinal Cord Injury and Aging

The oft-cited sentiment regarding aging states that getting old is not for sissies. Let’s add another: Inside every old person is a young one trying to figure out what the hell happened. For wheelers, aging is something of a juggling act, attempting to maintain and balance tolerable levels of health and function, along with a […]

Alternative Treatments for Secondary Conditions of Wheelchair Use

Alternative Treatments for Secondary Conditions of Wheelchair Use

Gin-soaked raisins, watermelon seeds and cayenne pepper may adress some secondary conditions for wheelchair users. But alternative medicines …

Electrical engineer Howard Davis, 75, still goes to work once a week.

Active Aging

Staying active and involved is often associated with long life and happiness. Here are three older wheelers whose lives seem to prove the maxim. Howard Davis: Engineering a Life If it’s Wednesday, then Howard Davis is at his desk reviewing plans for electrical systems designed by fellow engineers most likely half his age. Davis, 75, […]

Lorenzo Milam: Surviving Geezerhood

Lorenzo Milam: Surviving Geezerhood

I first met Lorenzo through his 1984 book, The Cripple Liberation Front Marching Band Blues. It was lyrical and angry as hell and not at all fit for polite society. I loved it. Meeting him in the flesh was quite different. It was in 1991, in the small town in Oaxaca where he spends his […]