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Robin Williams, Depression and SCI

Robin Williams’ battle with depression was not news to those of us who are fans. Although mind boggling to some, most brilliant minds carry the traits of both extremes — exuberance and despair — Williams was no different. The criticism on his suicide has, however, left me saddened. How can we judge? We never know […]

Assisted Suicide Ad in NM: Yay or Nay?

Assisted Suicide Ad in NM: Yay or Nay?

For the first time ever, New Mobility has accepted an ad that takes a side in a “culture war” issue that directly deals with disability. It’s not that we’ve turned down controversial ads in the past — to my knowledge it’s just never come up before. Perhaps you’ve seen the ad I’m referring to running […]

Letters: July 2014

Letters: July 2014

Adaptive gaming, Pete Seeger; Flying with a wheelchair; Track vehicles

Letters: May 2014

Letters: May 2014

Functional return, “wheelchair bound,” models on wheels.

Letters: April 2014

Relationships, cruising Alaska, retirement planning, humor, bus protest

Letters: March 2014

Person of the Year, Chairskating, Jeff Shannon, Bus Protest

Letters: February 2014

NM’s 25th Anniversary, Zumba, The Gift of Transportation

So Wheelchair Truthers are a Thing Now

So Wheelchair Truthers are a Thing Now

My colleague Bob Vogel sent me a disturbing article about how some opponents to Texas attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott are questioning whether the man really is a wheelchair-using paraplegic. They’re calling themselves “Wheelchair Truthers,” possibly as a counterbalance to the “Birthers” who refuse to believe President Obama is an American no matter […]

Media's Seasonal 'Pity Party'

Media’s Seasonal ‘Pity Party’

Serious breaking news is typically slow between Christmas Eve and the days following New Year’s, and that makes it difficult for editors who must fill daily TV news broadcasts and newspaper pages. Since the staples of the season — weather reports and holiday spending stories — take up only so much space and time, media […]

Tim Bowers 1981 - 2013

How One Person’s Choice to Die Affected our Community

When Tim Bowers had his breathing tube removed one day after his spinal cord injury, many people with disabilities were distressed — and very vocal about the questionable ethics involved.