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Kary Wright was able to fish for sharks and more right from his campsite in Fiesta Key, Fla.

Outdoor Tracks: Surprise on the Line!

“My bobber went under!” I say, feeling a lump in my throat, not totally sure if fishing from this spot was a good idea or not.

Crip Buzz: April 2014

Crip Buzz: April 2014

Six Phrases You Hear Only at the Paralympics: “I wish I didn’t have legs” …

Bob Vogel

Para/Medic: Peristeen: New Option for Bowel Management

Use of Peristeen can reduce bowel accidents, prevent constipation and reduce UTIs.

Mike Ervin

Ervin: No More Cripple Card

Some crippled activists take this equal access under the ADA stuff way too far. They need to be stopped before they ruin everything for the rest of us.

Tim Gilmer

Inner Beast

The inner beast feeds on the carcass of hope. When hope dies, resentment floods in on the heels of depression and wastes no time in evolving into full-blown anger, even, at times, rage.

Letters: April 2014

Relationships, cruising Alaska, retirement planning, humor, bus protest

Lynn Dorr

SCI Life: April 2014

Lynne Dorr: Science Geek Turns Soldier for Cure; Galileo rehab gear; ‘A Day in My Wheels’ Blog

Hunter and fisherman Jeff DeLeon uses his ATC to haul his kayaks and pull a trailer.

Motorvation: Pick-Me-Up Pickups

There are several options, available at prices comparable with adapted vans.

SCI Life: How to Move On

SCI Life: How to Move On

Greg Businelle: How to Move On; Adaptive Sports Store Aims High; The Ultimate ‘Stay There’ Solution

Crip Buzz: March 2014

Crip Buzz: March 2014

How Others See Us: Our Friend, Our Mom, Our Love