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Memories of a future-horrifying life

Memories of a future-horrifying life

Picturing yourself as a disabled person if you’re not disabled, can be quite the scary proposition. And if you have the bad luck of becoming disabled mid-life through an accident or a health condition, imagining what your life will be like now that you’re disabled can be one of the worst moments you may never […]

Living Spaces - June 2011

Living Spaces – June 2011

Convection Oven Love If I’d known what a difference a convection oven would make, I would have forked over the $89 years ago. A convection oven blows heated air from all four sides, distributing it more evenly, producing better texture and taste than a microwave. It broils, toasts, and bakes in less time than a […]

Alternative Treatments for Secondary Conditions of Wheelchair Use

Alternative Treatments for Secondary Conditions of Wheelchair Use

Gin-soaked raisins, watermelon seeds and cayenne pepper may adress some secondary conditions for wheelchair users. But alternative medicines …

Living Spaces

Nesting Instincts Beware the Home Wrecker My mother warned me about her — the woman who enters your life uninvited and wrecks your home. She just didn’t tell me the home wrecker would be me. It was bad enough when I used a manual chair — tell-tale marks alongside every kitchen cabinet, notches carved in […]

With creativity, Sharon Gardner found ways to best utilize her bathroom's tight dimensions. Notice that she can turn completely around and easily access her shower, toilet and sink.

Access-orizing a Small Bathroom in 3 Stages

A thousand times I asked myself, “Why did I ever decide to buy a house with such a small bathroom?” A thousand times I knew the answer: “Because everything else about the house was so workable.” The day I saw it with the realtor I was thrilled — until I poked my head around the narrow […]

Hormone Attack: Fighting Back

Hormone Attack: Fighting Back

Oh no. Not you, too!” My gynecologist rolled her eyes. “You wouldn’t believe how many women tell me they want to try progesterone cream. Some of them even want me to read the studies they bring in.” I’d been going to Dr. Nancy for nearly two years trying to get my peri-menopausal symptoms under control — […]

Pressure Sores: When Traditional Treatment Doesn't Work

Pressure Sores: When Traditional Treatment Doesn’t Work

Everything within me groaned. Oh Lord, not again. Not another pressure sore. Not now. I’m starting a new job. I’m already behind from being sidetracked with a broken leg. I have family to take care of. I don’t have time for this. Enough’s enough! But there it was–a definite, bloody, inflamed wound on the back […]