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Matthew Sanford

Taking My Arms High

You know the story — or maybe you don’t. As a 13-year-old kid, Matthew Sanford was in a car accident that killed his mother and sister and injured him at T4. Later in life, a yoga instructor taught him to “take his legs wide” and he realized it had been 12 years since he’d done […]

Cody Unser: Beauty in Deep

Cody Unser: Beauty in Deep

Water has given Cody Unser an awareness of terrifying and wonderful things. In a moment of stark realization at the age of 12, while sitting in a bathtub, she first felt symptoms of the condition that left her paralyzed from the chest down. But just two years later she experienced an exhilarating freedom from her […]

Stan Clawson

The Accessible Dream Home

Curb appeal, kitchens and baths. Ask any realtor and she’ll tell you those are the three areas that sell a house — they’re also the bane of any wheeler’s home life. Until America gets on track with universal design, or what some call visitability or “aging in place” design, finding a home that suits our accessibility […]

Roxanne Furlong

Which Craft?

No matter if you paint digitally with your eyes or mold pottery with your hands, crafting can be the catalyst for transformation and healing October is the time of year when most kids get excited with the creativity, imagination and anticipation of Halloween. While scheming to shock or surprise their neighbors at their doorsteps, the […]

Awakening Your Whole Self

Awakening Your Whole Self

Told by his doctors to forget about his legs, para Matthew Sanford became a “floating upper torso” until 25, when he began yoga.

Couples Now & Then

Couples Now & Then

Ethan and Julie Ruby were “just” friends for years when, after dinner with their group of friends, they each felt a spark of chemistry. They began dating and enjoyed six months of incredible sex until a car hit Ethan, causing a T6 spinal cord injury. During rehab, Ethan offered Julie the inevitable out, “You don’t […]

The Monteforte's say everything around them is immaterial as long as they have each other.

Overcoming Alienation

As wheelchair users, many of us go through a period of feeling isolated from family, friends, and society. While we can’t always change the way the public views us, we can change the way we respond to negative influences and find peace within ourselves. Turning to alcohol and drugs was Kenneth Ryno’s denial of choice. […]

Judy and Paul Wysocki have always been careful to live within their means.

Reinventing Retirement: Retirement Scenarios

  According to a Merrill Lynch report, baby boomers are reinventing retirement by working longer, playing more and living longer. Retirement options can now add up to a fully involved, satisfying life — if you have been able to plan and save. We asked five retirees – and one optimistic 30-something — for tips and pointers on […]

John Lawson and Carla Stone on their wedding day.

Carlana Gives Big

  Circumstances don’t create our character — they reveal it. This past spring, Oprah Winfrey produced a reality charity show, Oprah’s Big Give, where contestants were challenged to find and help people in need. Ten charitable people were chosen in a nationwide search to compete on the show. One of the contestants — Carlana Stone, currently of […]

Top 10 Tips for Keeping a Happy PCA

Top 10 Tips for Keeping a Happy PCA

Editor’s note: In writing this article, Roxanne Furlong interviewed Al DeGraff — author of Caregivers and Personal Assistants — who has employed hundreds of personal care assistants over the past 40 years. What follows is a hybrid mix of DeGraff’s ideas and principles and Furlong’s own advice from her personal experience with PCAs. Of all […]