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Kmart versus the ADA Cops

Carrie Ann Lucas wasn’t looking to sue Kmart. She simply wanted to shop there but couldn’t do so without running into accessibility hassles such as blocked aisles, tightly spaced clothing racks, seldom opened accessible checkout aisles, inaccessible restrooms, fitting rooms and parking lots. Lucas, a chair user due to congenital myopathy, spent years going to […]

Bob & Lisa Heinle

The View from C3

Numerous studies tell us that severity of disability often has little to do with the way a person perceives his or her quality of life, and that people with severe and even near total levels of paralysis (such as C3 or higher quadriplegia) are often just as happy and satisfied with their lives as those […]

The Pain Falls Mainly on the Brain

The Pain Falls Mainly on the Brain

Pain comes in different guises, but however it shows up, it is always an unwelcome guest. “I had this distinct, weird pain in my groin and hip area,” Randy Snow recalls, “from my knees to my belly button, deep into the bones of the hip on one side. It was like an electric pain on […]

Activists protested Tennessee's draconian cuts to its enhanced Medicaid program, TennCare, every day for more than two months.

The Gathering Storm in Health Care Coverage

Bill Parks relies on his SSI and Social Security checks of $625 to make ends meet in Denver. After rent, phone, transportation, food and cable, he still has to pay for Magic Bullets, exam gloves, chucks and over-the-counter medications. With the necessaries out of the way, he’s lucky to have maybe $50 left for what […]

Working in fabric--Brown's signature medium--allows her to combine her love of sewing with her need for artistic expression.

Charmaine Brown: Her Art Comes First

Her art may focus on disability, but don’t dare call Charmaine Brown a disabled artist. “I’m an artist, not a handicapped girl in a wheelchair,” she says. “Being part of the disability community didn’t make me an artist or help me become a better one. Disability helped define me as an artist and gave me […]

Eric Gibson

Gangbangers: Back from the Brink

You’d think that getting shot and ending up in a chair would be enough to send people on a different career path. Some people, like Eric Gibson, learn more quickly than others.

Biophysicist Richard Borgens holds a dog treated with polyethylene glycol in a recent study. Of 19 paraplegic dogs, 13 were walking in six weeks, and only three remained completely paralyzed.

SCI Recovery: The Global Search

We’ve been hearing that a cure for spinal cord injury is just around the corner–five to 10 years in the future–for the past 30 years at least. But what most of us think of as cure–tap dancing, mountain climbing, full restoration to whatever we could do pre-injury–remains an unrealized dream and as illusive as ever. […]

Rethinking Faith

Rethinking Faith

My faith is both secular and eclectic, an outgrowth of much reading, some logic, rational thinking, personal experience, and meditation, rather than any formal religious practice or belief in God. This “Whitman Sampler” approach to faith and life isn’t all that uncommon in the secular world. We find things that work and hang on tooth […]

A Labor of Love - Beating Stress in Long-Term Caregiving

A Labor of Love – Beating Stress in Long-Term Caregiving

Disability, illness and old age have created approximately 25 million family caregivers who provide two-thirds of all in-home care in this country. The annual worth of the services they provide has been estimated at $300 billion dollars. Yet virtually all of these caregivers are unpaid, receive no vacations or benefits and can’t quit their jobs. […]

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