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Two years post-spinal cord injury, Richard Holicky got his start with NM in 1991 following a chance encounter with Barry Corbet, and he has contributed stories every year since. He wrote for Craig Rehabilitation Hospital’s research department, at first full-time, and as a consultant from 1997 until 2014. In 2010 he was instrumental in creating, then facilitating the three-part Reinventing Yourself study, which focuses on wheelers new and old, and family caregivers. Holicky has also penned an SCI caregiver’s manual and Roll Models, a “survivor’s manual” for people with new spinal cord injuries.

November 2009

Homemade Equipment

By | November 1st, 2009|

The minute we bump up against a new equipment-related problem, we usually pick up the phone or click on Google in search of some solution [...]

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