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Michael Collins has been writing on disability issues for 22 years. He is...... This is an author bio.

Affordable Vans and Cars

Affordable Vans and Cars

Driving a vehicle is a daily occurrence for most people, and an activity that is often taken for granted. Driving provides a means of leaving the home to work, shop, attain an education, travel great distances or enjoy time with friends. But for many people with disabilities, the cost of driving can create what seems […]

Dru Blocker drives his Polaris UTV in the desert hills.

Motorvation: Leaving the Pavement Behind

ATVs and UTVs allow us to leave the pavement behind.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: More Rehab Needed

During the past few years, the length of hospitalization after disabling injuries or other serious problems like a stroke has been getting steadily shorter.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Segways

The ADA says Segways can be used in environments where power chairs are used, with some exceptions.

Aaron Dysart demonstrates his driving system.

Motorvation: All About Hand Controls

Hand controls have evolved, allowing people with higher injuries to be safe drivers.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Parks Accessibility

There are accessibility guidelines available for virtually any feature to be found in a park, including parking, signage, walkways, playgrounds, parks programs and fishing piers.

Through The Front Door: Romancing the ADA

Through The Front Door: Romancing the ADA

Will the ADA put some sizzle back in Bob Pike’s social life? Will his date’s bowl of bisque be served by attentive staff in convivial surroundings, or will it be delivered in a paper carton at the front steps?

Hunter and fisherman Jeff DeLeon uses his ATC to haul his kayaks and pull a trailer.

Motorvation: Pick-Me-Up Pickups

There are several options, available at prices comparable with adapted vans.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Pool Lifts

What’s the deal with pool lifts at hotels and other public accommodations?

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Who’s Pumping the Gas?

Q. Getting my car refueled has become a real hassle lately — and seems to be getting worse. After the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, for a while it seemed possible to get assistance with refueling at most gas stations in this area. Today there are only a handful that provide that help, and […]

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