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The Bounder H frame model can go up to 11.7 mph.

Innovations: The Need for Speed

Whether we use an ultralight wheelchair, power chair or handcycle, many of us have the need for speed.

Three Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Wheelchair Manufacturer Websites

Three Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Wheelchair Manufacturer Websites

From interactive features to Facebook pages to YouTube channels, this past year has delivered wheelchair manufacturer websites with more consumer resources than ever. Many of these sites offer a consumer-controlled multimedia experience, where from your computer, smart phone or tablet, you can access an astounding array of comparison shopping information on the latest wheelchairs. 1. […]


Innovations: Six-Wheel Power Wheelchair Sensations

By moving a power wheelchair’s drive wheels toward the center and adding both front and rear casters for stability, maneuverability dramatically increases.

Innovations: Carbon Fiber Wheels and Wheelchairs

Innovations: Carbon Fiber Wheels and Wheelchairs

When it comes to mobility technology, cool materials have often driven product innovation, from aircraft aluminum to titanium. However, while many debate to this day the merits of one material over another, one technology trumps them all when it comes to the ultimate cool factor: carbon fiber. Composite materials, commonly called carbon fiber, are nothing […]

Mark E. Smith

Innovations: Where iDevices Meet Mobility

Power chairs have always been tools of necessity. However, as technology and culture have evolved over the past 40 years, power chairs have increasingly integrated into our everyday lives. They are truly part of our daily wardrobe, so to speak. As a result, power chair accessories that interface with other gadgets in our lives — […]

TiLite TR Series 3

Innovations: Hot Ultralight Rigids for 2013

Beyond insurer funding cuts and mobility industry trends, the one genre that continues innovating year after year is the ultralight rigid manual wheelchair. Approaching its 40th anniversary, the ultralight rigid is lighter, sleeker and, yes, sexier than ever, with the new models pushing performance and style even further for 2013. More Curves That’s TiLite’s tagline […]

Navigating the Changing Mobility Market

Navigating the Changing Mobility Market

There once was a time when your DME provider was there from delivery of your wheelchair through years of servicing, all the way to ordering a new wheelchair the next time around. In fact, many of us had the same DME provider for decades as we transitioned from wheelchair to wheelchair. We knew where to […]

Mark E. Smith

Performance Positioning

When it comes to selecting wheelchairs, most of us look at performance, like frame material on an ultralight manual or speed on a power chair. However, among the most overlooked aspects is seating and positioning, which dictates user comfort. With the average user spending 16 hours per day in a wheelchair, it’s arguably among the […]


Freewheeling in Las Vegas

NEVER would I sleep this late — 1 p.m. — but this is Vegas. My accessible 550-square-foot condo is one block off of the Strip, two blocks from Denny’s. On these stints to Vegas, I’ve made my residence the Signature Towers, where accessible condo suites are owned or rented for $99 per night. A room […]

The NuDrive Evo

Clamp-On Power; Easier Pushing

When we look at the current demographics of ultralight manual wheelchair users, make no mistake, a significant percentage of us belong to an aging population. Those of us who came of age self-propelling beginning in the 1970s, with wheelchair sports exploding in the 1980s, have now been pushing our way through life for over 30 […]