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The Brazilian dance troupe, Corpo em Movimento, led a workshop in Chicago.

Brazilian and American Disabled Athletes Exchange Ideas

Paralympic athletes from two different hemispheres exchange visits and learn about advocacy and friendship.

Even many older bowling alleys are accessible now.

Three Fun Ways To Stay Fit

What’s the secret to staying fit in a wheelchair? Making it fun. Here are three activities — bowling, ping pong and Zumba — that are more fun than work.

Karen Tamley: Advocrat, Wife, Mother

Karen Tamley: Advocrat, Wife, Mother

A high-powered advocrat, Karen Tamley has built a rich family life and a unique version of the American dream.

Navigating Voc Rehab

Many people with disabilities throughout the United States have taken advantage of their state’s vocational rehabilitation services, with varying degrees of success. Vocational rehabilitation services — mandated under the Rehabilitation Act and provided through the states — are offered to individuals with disabilities who have a “physical or mental impairment that constitutes or results in […]

The 2012 Paralympics: What Will London Bring?

The 2012 Paralympics: What Will London Bring?

Like never before, there is tremendous excitement about what the 2012 Paralympic Games are going to do — for London and for the world.