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Ever since he was a little kid, Bryce Clarke has wanted to be a police officer, just like his dad. His career almost ended after his spinal cord injury, but he wasn’t done yet. He hung around the station, made himself useful, and eventually was hired back fulltime as a detective working cold cases.

Portrait of a Detective as a Real Person

Working cold cases is a job Bryce Clarke, a C5 quad, lives and breathes.

Spinal Network grants funded this social activity of the Bacharach Spinal Cord Injury Group in Southern New Jersey.

Spinal Network: Building a Community of Peers

United Spinal Association and The Buoniconti Fund are changing lives for the better through the Spinal Network.

For 10 years now, the staff of RAGE has helped empower its local disability community.

United Spinal Chapter Check-In: Las Vegas

For Reggie Bennett, RAGE means Rebuilding All Goals Efficiently.

'Roll on Capitol Hill' Nears

‘Roll on Capitol Hill’ Nears

United Spinal’s signature event, Roll on Capitol Hill, is just a couple of months away, and excitement is building.

Finn Bullers (far right) and friends sport T-shirts saying, “Don’t ‘dis’ my ability!”

United Spinal Chapter Check-In: Kansas City

Pushing for a new international symbol, better state legislation and adaptive local activities is all in a day’s work.

ACS helped improve access at the San Diego Zoo.

Accessibility Services: A Tradition of Access

United Spinal helps major builders meet — or exceed — accessibility laws and codes.

Mayor’s Challenge a Chance to Improve Access

Mayor’s Challenge a Chance to Improve Access

United Spinal has joined the effort to make sidewalks, crosswalks and bus stops more accessible.

Products: March 2015

Products: March 2015

KD Smart Chair, Quokka Bag, Freedom Trax, and two products to help you be more productive in bed.

Be Productive While Stuck in Bed

Be Productive While Stuck in Bed

Bedrest sucks. There’s no way around it. But thankfully there are more and more options to increase your productivity and happiness should you get stuck in bed for a long time (or if you simply spend a lot of time in bed). The Super Gorone Desk caught my eye as one of the better options […]

Wheel Comfort for Your Feet

Wheel Comfort for Your Feet

The new Wheel Comfort padded foot rest strikes me as the intersection of two of my favorite innovation-related maxims: “necessity is the mother of invention” and “Keep It Simple Stupid.” There’s a reason everyone says those two things and it’s because they ring true. The Wheel Comfort is a simple solution to the problem of […]