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Camile Araujo is a 38 year old writer who lives in Florida with her 3 year old daughter. In 2006, she sustained her spinal cord injury and after two long years of dealing with life-threatening complications from the car accident, she turned to her writing to heal from the inside out. Her unique perspective on the world has assisted her to beat the odds of living a sub-par life. Even when she is forced to deal with an Armageddon of emotions that still taunt her from that event, she turns that experience into a way of informing others that it is okay to be exactly where they are at in their own journeys of recovery and healing through her writing. Camile has been published in the United States and abroad (Australia, UK, New Zealand and Canada).


Robin Williams, Depression and SCI

Robin Williams’ battle with depression was not news to those of us who are fans. Although mind boggling to some, most brilliant minds carry the traits of both extremes — exuberance and despair — Williams was no different. The criticism on his suicide has, however, left me saddened. How can we judge? We never know […]

I Am My Story

I Am My Story

Three years ago, while having a conversation with a dear friend who I met during a personal development seminar, I blurted out the words, “I’m not my story.” I said these words with conviction, power and assertion, and I knew there was truth to them. It was the type of truth that feels oh, so […]

Hi There, I'm Camile Araujo

Hi There, I’m Camile Araujo

Hi there, I’m Camile Araujo and this is my blog, Changing Gears. In order for you to have even the slightest interest in my blog, I guess it is only fair I tell you a bit about myself. I have been figuring things out since 1976. I am proud to say I have been around […]