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This tiny ultra-green Urbee isn’t accessible, but adaptive vehicle developers could learn a lot from its manufacturer’s design process.

Motorvation: R.I.P. MV-1 (Now, How About a Vehicle That’s Really Built for Us?)

When VPG, the maker of the MV-1, shut its doors in May, the closing came as no great surprise to me. The company had burst into the adapted vehicle market in 2011 with big, glossy ads, a great PR campaign and a well-designed website — all claiming, among other boasts, that the MV-1 was, “the […]

Alan Troop

Motorvation: New Choices

Entering the exhibit at the 22nd annual National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association conference in Daytona Beach, Fla., this year, I pause. The dazzling chrome and gleaming colors of all the new vehicles and equipment on display gives me the same thrill of anticipation as I used to get entering auto shows in my walkie days. […]

Cure Research: Looking to the Future

Cure Research: Looking to the Future

“This is a big day. Twenty-six years ago my father made me a promise that there would be a cure for paralysis. Today we are taking a huge step to make it happen.” — Marc Buoniconti

Alan Troop

Roadtripping Made Easier for Wheelchair Users

Certainly some first-time road warriors might find the thought of a long drive daunting. But for those wheelers who feel the call of the road, roadtripping can be a great way to travel. And now that vehicles are becoming rolling electronic centers, there are more travel aids than ever to smooth the way for even […]

Inside the MV-1

Inside the MV-1

At first glance the new MV-1 from the Vehicle Production Group looks like something designed and built by committee in the former Soviet Union. Nearly as large as a minivan and basically a box on wheels, its determinedly utilitarian lines possess the quirky, ugly-duckling charm of a London cab. Which makes sense for a vehicle […]

Judy Hale Everett was willing to wait two years for a Suburban she could drive from her chair.

Pickups and SUVs for Wheelers

On May 18, 2010, Airman First Class Chris Pinto’s main concern was passing his road test so he could ride his Honda CBR 1000 motorcycle on Italian roads. Stationed at Aviano Air Base near Venice, he’d had his motorcycle shipped over, and the day looked fine for riding. But the mountain road portion of the […]

"The beach is completely accessible. The sand is packed, so I can wheel down pretty close to the water. It's beautiful." — Katie Mathews

Tampa Bay: Florida’s Other Playground

Soaring up to 192 feet above the water as we cross the Sunshine Skyway Bridge — the centerpiece of the 15-mile causeway that spans Tampa Bay — I wish I could stop and admire everything around us. Tampa Bay’s wide mouth is to our right. The blue-green expanse of the Gulf reaches out to our left. Conquistadors […]

Blue Ridge Beauty

Blue Ridge Beauty

In 1888, George W. Vanderbilt, one of the heirs to the massive Vanderbilt fortune, came to Asheville, N.C., with his mother, to enjoy the healthy mountain air. Smitten with the area, he described it as “the most beautiful land in the world.” He subsequently put his money where his mouth was by spending almost all […]

Steve Lindley, Miami Project Senior Research Associate, works with research participant Michael Rivera.

The Miami Project: Not Just About Cure

A visitor entering the marble-floored lobby of the elegant seven-story building that now houses the Miami Project could easily mistake it for the entrance to a fine bank or a very upscale office building–until they glance at the gyms behind the glass walls on either side of the lobby. Therapists walk from one exercise machine […]

The e.motion is the only power assist system currently available in the United States.

Power (Assist) to the People

Once, the only choices aching wheelers had–to cope with sore shoulders and wrists, neck and back pain–were to grit their teeth and push, ask for help or switch to a power chair. Now, thanks to original systems being offered by a few pioneering companies, there’s a way for chair users to keep on wheeling–or for […]

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