Another Couple We Love
All these couples have an inspiring story to tell and were well said [“Couples We Love,” February 2018]. I could relate to their lives since I’ve been a C4-5 quad for 61 years, happily married for 41 years with four kids and nine grandchildren. I drove my van and worked for 40 years supporting my family and yes, love can flourish on wheels with the right loving wife, like I have.
Gale Williams

Seeing Beyond the Bag
[Re: “Relationship Baggage: Dating With a Colostomy,” February 2018:] This is something that I don’t have to deal with, and I am truly grateful for that. But I do relate to your fear of “telling all” regarding a private matter. I am now looking at my own imperfections in a new light as your gutsy attitude is really something to be proud of and to be learned from. Well done, and watch out new suitors for this liberated and brave woman.
Morag Wade Mackay

Struggling with Shame
Thanks for your candidness [“Relationship Baggage,” February 2018]. I can relate because I deal with incontinence due to spina bifida. The shame I feel about it has really prevented me from even getting into relationships.
Lauren Bendik

ADA Can Be a Remedy
[“Extended Elevator Breakdowns,” February 2018] neglected to mention that prolonged and/or frequent breakdowns can be remedied via an ADA complaint — ADAAG 407.1. Although 407.1 is an advisory note, as an attorney, I successfully used it against a defendant in a lawsuit under pre-2010 ADA standards.
Edward Kopelson
Montclair, New Jersey

Ultralight, Ultra-longevity
I have an 18-year-old original TiSport from back in the day when insurance covered access and the word “Sport” didn’t automatically eliminate access [“Making Ultralights Even Lighter,” February 2018]. Now it’s TiLite. With the original FrogLegs (new caster wheels of course), this rigid framed chair still fits my body and is in great shape.
Molly Sacco Hale

Perfectly Said
“It’s time for me to clear away old resentments. I have to make room for the new ones.” [“One Step at a Time,” Ervin, February 2018.] I couldn’t have put the process of maturing into words any better.
Tish Aguilar

It’s about time you joined the prune movement [Ervin, February 2018]! Now you can have another kind of movement.
Thomas Hack

I’m a C6-7 and I had flap surgery when I was 45. I also had a bone infection [“Journey to the Far Side of Tomorrow,”, February 15]. They shaved the bone to get rid of some of the infection and also smooth it out a bit to decrease any future pressure issues. Make damn sure they put you on a Clinitron sand bed … it is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for your initial recovery in the hospital. They’re so good that you can totally heal without even having to turn! It’s amazing actually. Best of luck.
Ken Todd

Tricky Casting
As both a filmmaker and father of a daughter with a T4-11 injury who does theater, I can see both sides of this argument [“Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far On Foot,” February 9]. If the script was written with the accident as the incidental event, then it does become an issue of how to cast for a story like this. However, Hollywood often ignores actors with disabilities and casts abled-bodied actors instead, as in the most recent series Superstore and Mom.
Sean Bode