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Paralympics in the Spotlight

The Pyeongchang Paralympics are underway until March 18, and there’s still plenty of action remaining, including wheelchair curling, biathalon, skiing, snowboarding and the final game of Team USA’s quest for a third-straight gold in sled hockey. Check out Bob Vogel’s guide to Paralympic media coverage and watch some of the best athletes in the world vie for the podium.

Stephen Hawking Dies at Age 76

The world’s media is awash with tributes to Stephen Hawking, the famed British physicist, who died March 14. The longtime wheelchair user rose to prominence due to his scientific brilliance. As one of his peers put it, “Few, if any, of Einstein’s successors have done more to deepen our insights into gravity, space and time.” He gained celebrity status thanks to his writing — A Brief History of Time broke records as a bestseller — packed lectures and wicked humor. Thank you, Mr. Hawking, for helping us understand the universe a little better.


Journey to the Far Side of Tomorrow Gets Expensive. Really Expensive.

While preparing for his flap surgery, our editor, Tim Gilmer, runs into the sharp side of America’s profit-driven healthcare model. From $800 ambulance-trips due to inaccessible exam rooms, to price-gouging DME suppliers, insurance co-pays and $35,000 wound therapy beds, he quickly finds out who pays when saving lives is monetized.


Gear Hacks: Backpacks and Under-Chair Bags

If you use a wheelchair, you probably need to carry stuff, sometimes lots of stuff. But why be limited to an often-woeful selection of “wheelchair bags”? In the latest Gear Hacks, we give you the details on how to adapt a variety of commercially available bags for use as under-chair bags and backpacks that will sit snugly on your chair.

Accessible Travel in the Holy Land

“Israel captured me from the moment my wheels hit ground,” writes our travel guru Cory Lee. Israel and Palestine feature an incredible array of historical, cultural and scenic sites, while being surprisingly accessible. Sit back and take a roll through the holy land — we’ll  share all the resources you need to make this once-in-a-lifetime trip a reality.

Brain-Boosting Nutrients

While it used to be thought that brain damage — whether from stroke, brain injury or even the inevitable impairments associated with aging — was irreversible, new research shows the brain has a remarkable ability to adapt, compensate and rewire itself, provided it’s getting the right nutrients. Here are the best brain-boosting nutrients, from complex carbohydrates to essential fatty acids, antioxidants, protein and B-vitamins, and how to get them into your everyday diet.

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