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The NeoMano Robotic Gripping Glove

Sometimes technology comes along that makes you realize the future is now. Such is the case with the NeoMano, a fairly sleek looking piece of adaptive robotics, made by the rehab technology company Neofect, that can give functional grip strength to those with limited hand function. As this one-minute video shows, it might not quite be real-world ready, but it’s not far off, and that’s pretty amazing.


Please Remain Seated

And now for something completely different … a comic strip featuring disabled characters that’s actually funny. As part of our 2018 reboot, we’ll be featuring a monthly cartoon from the talented, witty, New Yorker published cartoonist, Mat Barton. Given the state of the world these days, laughing at ourselves is probably the only way to stay sane.


The Adoption Option

A family doesn’t have to be based on blood, and there are a slew of reasons that adoption can be the right option for starting a family. Brigham Fordham shares his and his wife’s journey to the family they’d always dreamed of — and unwinds the complex web of the adoption system in the process. Fordham breaks down open vs. closed adoptions, how to tackle disability in your adoption profile, and the right language to use when talking with birth mothers, in addition to resources to help you start the process for yourself.

Gear Hacks: Setting up a DIY Workspacegear hacks-table vice

If you have a disability, you need equipment to do stuff. But gimp gear is expensive. In this new column, Seth McBride explores the craft of making and adapting gear so you can do what you want to do, without breaking the bank. The inaugural column tackles how to set up an accessible work space. From work benches to tools, table vises and Dremels, we’ve got your hacking gear covered.

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