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Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Kenny Salvini had two complex power chairs mangled by two separate airlines in one year. It’s a situation that may sound extreme, but it’s all too familiar for wheelers who travel by plane. Salvini’s experience led him to take a deep dive into the systematic inaccessibility of America’s airline industry, and find out what can be done about it.


Kills on Wheels

In Kills on Wheels, a surly, wheelchair-using hit man trains two young guys, one with spina bifida and one with CP, in the subtle art of offing Eastern European gangsters. This soon-to-stream movie is fun, fast-paced, violent and doesn’t shy away from unvarnished details of living with a disability.


Final Edition of SCI Life

Tiffiny Carlson’s final edition of SCI Life presents the latest SCI trends: A UK Youtuber gives wheelchair users a whole new range of high-quality, high-intensity workouts; a new robotic system acts as an on-site avatar from the workplace to class; and a downloadable book offers current info on chronic pain management for people with SCI. Thanks, Tiffiny!

Open Sesame: A New App Allows Android Control with Head Movement

The Open Sesame app, available for $14.99/month from the Google Play store, lets you control your Android-powered smartphone or tablet using voice control and head movements. From smart home control to texting, phone calls and gaming, it’s amazing that these days an inexpensive smart phone app can replace complex systems that used to cost thousands of dollars.

Working Stiffs

For wheelchair users, working full-time isn’t always the simplest process. But these five wheelers show that whatever your function or passions — from teaching to government, sales, police engagement, or even defense contracting — working as a wheeler is both doable and incredibly satisfying.


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