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Accomable.com: An Accessible Alternative to AirbnbAccessible-Accomable

Renting an accessible pad on AirBnB is like playing the world’s least fun game of roulette — where winning is actually getting what was advertised. Accomable.com hopes to change that. The site’s delivered listings with detailed and verified accessibility features to the European marketplace for years, and are in the process of expanding into the U.S. Thanks, internet. We needed this.


Pimp my Wheelchair

“I want this chair to be a reflection of the sophisticated world-traveling adventurer that I am,” deadpans comedian Zach Anner in this Pimp my Ride spoof that already has 1.1 million views after just a week on the web. “You shouldn’t build the life around the wheelchair,” Anner says while cruising the beach in one of his new rides, complete with sarape blanket and boogie board holders. “You should build the wheelchair around the life, and I’ve got a lot more living to do.”


Todd Stabelfeldt The Quad Father of Tech

Todd Stabelfeldt is a true pioneer of assistive technology, one who has been involved with developing hands-free technology since he was 8-years-old. Todd’s latest mission? Spreading the word about Switch Control, a feature buried within the accessibility settings of the iPhone operating system that can be harnessed to allow greater functional independence for high-level quads. Combine that with Todd’s lessons from building a home fortress of digital automation and you’ve got a guidebook for modern accessible living.

Disabled Activists Saved Healthcare

In a world where the political process often seems too complicated and opaque for individuals to actually influence, activists from Adapt just gave a master class in civil-disobedience. A clear message – health insurance is a life and death matter for disabled Americans – and a willingness to put their bodies on the line captured the nation’s attention, and may have saved vital health protections for millions of Americans.

Moving onto Flatter Terrain

Have you ever wanted to live in a big, open-spaced loft like Tom Hanks in the movie Big? Us too. Industrial/commercial spaces can provide a blank canvas for all your accessible design dreams, while allowing you to live within rolling distance of work, friends and local businesses. Michael Collins gives practical advice — like how to target alternative property types and utilizing local non-profits, to make urban living an accessible, affordable option.


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