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ADA Under Attack in Congress

A bill that severely weakens the Americans with Disabilities Act is working its way through congress, all in the name of stopping “drive-by” lawsuits. HR 620 would give businesses six months to start making “substantial progress” toward removing a barrier once an individual has informed them of an ADA violation, further placing the burden of enforcement onto those whose rights are being violated. Advocacy groups across the country are asking: Hasn’t 27 years been enough notification for businesses to comply with basic accessibility requirements?


Last Chance to Take NM Survey and be Eligible to win $200

It’s your last chance to weigh in on the stories that are relevant and rewarding to you. Please take a moment to fill out our reader survey and help us craft the content you want to see in 2018. Complete it by September 23, along with the final section, and be eligible to win a $200 gift card from American Express.


Improve Function

For the client seeking an intensive, personalized approach to neurological recovery, Magee Rehab’s Gaining Ground is the answer. Located in Philadelphia, Gaining Ground is an activity-based therapy program with a “boot camp” feeling. The four-to six-week program meets three times a week, five hours a day, for one-to-one training and education. Click here for program information.


Virtual Reality for First-Time Wheelchair Users

It’s like Virtuosity but with a teched-out wheelchair instead of Denzel Washington chasing evil Russell Crowe. Random ’90s sci-fi references aside, this emerging technology, which lets new wheelchair users navigate a real wheelchair through a virtual world, has big implications for making the transition into life with a disability less daunting. Check out this 2:30 video on a VR system that was inspired by Jason DaSaliva’s film When I Walk. How cool is that?


Accessible Power Boats for Cruisingaccessible power boats

Whatever your idea of cruising — on a pontoon boat with an ice-cold beverage and a swim lift, screaming across the ocean at 65mph, or tooling along in a hand-controlled amphi-car — there’s a fully accessible boat for you. Here’s a primer on how to get floating on the ride of your dreams.

SCI and Cardiovascular Disease

Let’s face it, heart disease is far too common for people with a SCI. But it doesn’t have to be. Our resident health guru gives everything you everything you need to know — from being a self-advocate for proper medical testing to advice for the most beneficial lifestyle changes (think salmon and cardio) — that can help keep your ticker tip top.

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