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Great American Getaways

From our nation’s capital to the sunny beaches of California, the United States is packed with scenic and historic destinations suited to every whim you can imagine. This month we make our way from coast to coast, exploring five unique, accessible, affordable places you’ll want to visit on your next vacation.


NM Contributor Removed from American Airlines Flight

Mark E. Smith was given no explanation as he was removed from a cross-country flight by a gaggle of uniformed American Airline employees. Smith, who writes New Mobility’s technology column, Innovations, says he was treated as unwanted cargo, strapped into an aisle chair and unceremoniously deposited in the jet way. His blog about the distressing incident has gone viral.


The Truth About Aging

Six longtime wheelers in their 50s and 60s describe their coping techniques when faced with the hard realities of aging with a spinal cord injury — blown out shoulders, weight gain, skin breakdown. They all demonstrate that it is possible to remain positive and active 30, 40 or 50 years post-injury.

Alleviating the Health Risks of Chronic Inflammation

When inflammation is prolonged, it wreaks havoc on the body, and people with SCI tend to be systemically inflamed, often resulting in decreased immune function and increased pain. The good news is, you can reduce inflammation through diet. Here’s what you need to know.


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