Would You Like to Blog for New Mobility?

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blog-for-New-MobilityIf you’re a blogger who uses a wheelchair, consider submitting original posts to New Mobility magazine.

The posts could be on any topic related to your life as a wheelchair user and ought to be between 350 and 1,000 words long. They should contain at least one external link, and any related YouTube videos are especially welcome.

Suggested topics include:

• Products that improve your life. These can range from your wheelchair to the smart phone that works best for you, and everything in between.

• Health tips, such as exercise or nutrition regimens you’ve tried. Do you swear by acupuncture or green tea? Tell us about it.

• Places you’ve traveled to, whether near or far, including accessible sites and prices. Especially, we’re interested in affordable shorter getaways via car or train. Where did you go, how did you get there, what did you do while you were there, and how much did it all cost?

• Tips and tricks for managing personal assistants. How do you deal with turnover, or assistants who insist on using your wheelchair as a coat rack? There is so much to learn about successfully navigating this relationship — what can you share?

• Relationship advice or anecdotes, including on sexuality or parenting. Dating is always a hot-button topic. What works and doesn’t work, in your experience?

• Recreation, be it wheelchair rugby or gardening. Where do you go and what do you do for fun? How can other wheelers follow in your tracks?

• Advocacy efforts you’re involved in. Whether it’s fighting for better curb cuts or for the local park’s water fountain to be accessible, or for a bill to be passed that improves services, tell us about it.

• Disability services, including surviving on Social Security, or obtaining insurance. How do you navigate those bureaucratic mazes?

• Transportation, from cars to vans to buses to Uber to airplanes, how do you get around? What works and doesn’t work?

• How you’ve found accessible housing, or made your housing accessible.

• And anything else that touches on “life on wheels.”

Submissions may be sent to Josie Byzek at JByzek@Unitedspinal.org and we will pay $50 for each published original entry. Also, please submit a photo of yourself and an image related to the subject of your entry — and please ensure you have permission to publish both images.