Spotlight: San Antonio

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My Take

As a transplant to San Antonio from Houston, I have found the city’s slower pace has been a welcome change. This city offers the perfect scenarios for a self-admitted people watcher like myself. A major tourist attraction, the city has plentiful opportunities for people — with or without disabilities — to ensure a wonderful experience while here. Known for its sometimes extreme heat during the day, San Antonio also offers cool evenings with even nicer fall days. Every weekend, even as a resident, there is something new to do — such as take a trip to the top of the Tower of Americas, where you can get a 360-degree view of the city or dine at some of the amazing restaurants. If that seems a bit boring for your taste, then I recommend you join the yearly crusade to an event called Fiesta. It is 10 days in April of parades, parties and food.


Skinny on the City

Located in south-central Texas alongside the San Antonio River, San Antonio is a large city with a small town feel. When most people hear the name San Antonio, the first things that come to mind are the famous Alamo and Riverwalk. While it’s true those things are synonymous with this city, there is so much more. San Antonio also has two major theme parks and the world’s only ultra-accessible park. With the combination of historic landmarks, theme parks and amazing nightlife, there is something for everyone when visiting San Antonio.

Things to Do

Morgan’s Wonderland is built to be accessible.

Morgan’s Wonderland is built to be accessible.

San Antonio’s biggest attraction is the Riverwalk. Alongside the river are a number of amazing restaurants as well as historic hotels. Accessible access points can be a bit tricky though. A few blocks from the Riverwalk is the world famous Alamo. A trip to San Antonio is not complete without at least a picture in front of the historic mission. There are also three major theme parks located in San Antonio: Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Sea World of San Antonio and Morgan’s Wonderland. Morgan’s Wonderland was the first amusement park built specifically for people with disabilities and offers an array of fully accessible rides and entertainment options. To top that off, everyone with a disability gets in free.

Getting Around

Like most cities, accessible transportation can sometimes pose a challenge. San Antonio has made great strides toward making getting around easier for those with disabilities. The local bus system, VIA, offers wheelchair access for all of its major bus routes. Pro: Inexpensive and every¬where. Con: Can leave you blocks away from your destination.

VIAtrans, the city’s paratransit option, offers door-to-door accommodations as long as you make a reservation. Pro: The cost is only $1.95 per trip. Con: Not always on time and can take an hour to get across town.

Yellow Cab offers a small fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles. Pro: Efficient way to get around time-wise. Con: Pricey and due to size of fleet, there is not always one available.

Overall, San Antonio offers a few options of transportation to fit everyone’s monetary, as well as actual, ability to use whatever service fits you.


San Antonio offers a handful of excellent rehabilitation services for survivors of traumatic injuries. The Reeves Rehabilitation Center at University Hospital offers specialized treatments for a variety of conditions. Being attached to the trauma hospital helps some transition from acute care to acute rehab smoothly.

Warm Springs is the largest rehabilitation center in San Antonio with three inpatient locations throughout the city. I have a special place in my heart for Warm Springs due to my rehab being done there.

Healthsouth RIOSA has the largest gym out of all the rehabilitation centers in town. There is special equipment in that gym that is unique. Select Rehabilitation is the newest of the facilities to get into acute rehab treatment. Located at the newest area of medical establishments, it offers great services. All of these establishments work with Rolling Inspiration’s mentoring program to help newly injured people get inspired despite circumstances. Find out more about Rolling Inspiration here.