Our recent photo contest garnered a variety of interesting images. Selected judges’ comments are in red.

Kary Wright flies a kite with the late, great Nakoda.

“Stunning and surprising portrait.”

Photo by Terryll Wright

Nicki Donnelly embodies her hashtag #disabilityconfident.


Photo by Shooting Beauty

John and Richard Squires explore one of their local trails.

“Seeing the shared experience is what makes it work.”

Photo by Annalisa Squires

Terina Sprague catches a wave with the help of the adaptive surfing organization Life Rolls On.

“Razor sharp and full of life.”

Photo by Diane Edmonds

Leslie Peoples performs a little magic at the Washington Monument.

“Fun and travel-positive.”

Photo by Robert Om

Alysse Einbender gazes out the window while her companion, Rocky, watches over her.

“Beautifully composed shot. Unusual and interesting. I just want to keep looking at this picture.”

Photo by Edwin Einbender-Luks

Kary and Terryll Wright enjoy a view of the Florida Gulf Coast outside of their accessible RV.

"Good composition, relatable, tells a story, and the story makes sense."

Grand Prize Winner

Thanks to our judges: Deborah Davis, Bill Forrester, Eric Stampfli, Loren Worthington, Scott Rains, Tiffany Gentry, Michael Hansel, Aron Tyler, Clara Davies and Jean Dobbs.