The Classy Little Fashions Foundation

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Jane Hash, a fabulous woman with osteogenesis imperfecta and star of her own movie — Plain Jane: The Shockumentary — has a new project: The Classy Little Fashions Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to giving away entire wardrobes to fellow little people.

The Classy Little Fashions Foundation will choose individuals on an interview-by-interview basis, looking at each applicant’s situation. It will also recommend holistic and other all-natural measures to improve the applicant’s health and well-being, in order to foster good health and self-esteem as well as great fashion.

I love Jane’s foundation and think more nonprofits should consider donating entire modified wardrobes to people with disabilities. Having well-fitted clothing that looks good can make a huge impression on how people view you.

To help make her foundation’s vision reality, Hash and her team are holding a CrowdFunding campaign right now asking for donations towards their goal.

So cool. Can someone create a similar foundation for people with spinal cord injuries please?