ADA Legacy Tour Kicks Off in Houston

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The ADA Legacy Tour Freedom Bus may be coming to a city near you.

The ADA Legacy Tour Freedom Bus may be coming to a city near you.

The Americans with Disabilities Act silver anniversary celebration may be a year away, but the ADA Legacy Tour got an early start by kicking off last Friday at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas, during the Abilities Expo. The ADA Legacy Project says one reason it chose to kick the tour off in Houston is because it is the home of former President George H.W. Bush, who signed the ADA into law.

The yearlong bus tour will crisscross the nation, generating awareness for the landmark civil rights bill. At each stop of the tour, a large display will educate visitors on the history of self-advocacy, the preservation of disability history and disability history milestones. There will also be workshops and give-aways to help celebrate the civil rights law.

On July 26, 2015, the nationwide tour will draw to a close in Washington, D.C., exactly 25 years after President George H.W. Bush signed the historic bill into law. For more information and the latest updates on the tour, please visit

2014 Tour Dates:

August 6: St. Paul, Minn.

September 5-7: Boston, Mass.

September 17-18: Millersville, Pa.

October 7-10: Albuquerque, N.M.

October 17-20: Albuquerque, N.M.

November 21-23: Bay Area, Calif.