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These hunter cargo shorts are by Iz Adaptive.

These hunter cargo shorts are by Iz Adaptive.

If you read my last enthusiastic post about Permobil’s new black tires, you can probably guess that my fashion preference trends toward the minimalist, less-is-more approach. But 17 years in a chair have shown me that I am probably in the minority, as I am constantly meeting folks who love making a statement with their chair, walker or clothing.

If that sounds like you, you might want to check out Wheelchair Solutions. Designer and former wheelchair user Kathy Mondotte has assembled a colorful and pattern-filled selection of wheelchair and walker covers, bags, accessories and more. Patriotic seat covers, camouflage “gators” to protect your arms and legs in the rain, leopard-print slings — you name it, Wheelchair Solutions probably has it. The products all are designed with the safe, easy-to-access storage and functionality that wheelchair users will appreciate.

The website is relatively new, and a lot of the products are still labeled “Coming Soon,” but you can scope out all the options at Wheelchair Solutions.

Personally, I’ll probably stick to the all-black look, but I might end up shopping from designer Izzy Camilleri’s new clothing company IZ Adaptive. I had never heard of Izzy Camileri, and have learned to be naturally skeptic about “adaptive clothing” after many boring pairs of pants and ill-fitting shirts, but after checking out the site and watching this video, I have to say I’m intrigued:

Not only is the production slicker than most similar sites and the video shows an understanding of some of the issues that wheelchair users really care about. According to the web site, Camilleri is a Canadian designer with over 30 years of experience designing clothes for celebrities:

But a turning point in Izzy’s illustrious fashion career came in 2004, when a well-known journalist — who happens to use a wheelchair — contacted Izzy and asked her to design some fashionable, functional clothing. Inspired, Izzy accepted the challenge … and IZ Adaptive was born.

With the launch of her new e-boutique in 2009, Izzy began making IZ Adaptive’s sartorially savvy, super-comfortable, groundbreaking fashions available to people in wheelchairs around the world – and gaining legions of new fans along the way.

The e-boutique has both men’s and women’s lines, each with offerings spanning the gamut of style and color. The site is also easy to shop, something that can’t be said for many of its competitors.