Kerry Coe: Will Skydive for New Wheelchair

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kerryWhen your bank account is empty and your health insurance won’t cough up the dough, how do you get a new wheelchair? Why, through fundraising of course, and British mum Kerry Coe, who has a little girl and a little boy both under the age of 3, has come up with an ingenious way to raise the necessary funds so she can stay mobile for her kids.

Her “brilliant” method (as they would say over in the UK) — raising money by going skydiving. This might sound insane for a mother of two who’s nearing 40 years old, but this is how she raised money for the wheelchair she currently has, which is going on 10 years old. The batteries are no longer taking a charge and other electrical issues are rearing their ugly head, which is bound to happen after so many years, meaning = time to dump it.

Apparently, even though she went skydiving years ago, Kerry is still ready to go. Some people just love the adrenaline rush no matter how old they get, and Kerry is definitely one of these people. And before you say, “Hey, isn’t Kerry an award winning actress who starred in a film that won several BAFTA awards? Why does she need the money?” Well, simply put — she has two young children and a disability. It’s quite expensive to live her life.

A new wheelchair costs around 4,000 to 7000 pounds. This is a huge chunk of change for the Coe family. Kerry is married to a devoted husband, but unfortunately he doesn’t have the pocketbook funds necessary to give her what she needs; “needs” being the operative word. Someone needs to fill this need, so Kerry decided to take it upon herself to do the big old skydive once again.

She has decided to create a donation site on GoFundMe — Kerry’s Ride — to help her reach her goal, but she’s still a long ways to go to reach her goal. Currently, Kerry has raised 285 pounds toward her new wheelchair, and she needs to raise 6,615 more pounds within a month.

With so little money yet donated and the amount of time left, social media is likely Kerry’s only hope if she has a shot at reaching the goal, which means it’s up to you to share this post. So please share, and hopefully give some joy to a mother with a disability who cannot function without her wheelchair.

Not only will it feel good to help, it’s the right thing to do goshdarnit.

What’s the craziest thing you’d do to raise money for a new wheelchair?

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