New Offering from Comfort Company

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Add or remove air-filled Comfort Cells as needed.

The latest press release from the Comfort Company is all about “bony prominences” and a trademarked “Low Friction Zone,” meaning it can only be supporting two things: sex toys and/or wheelchair seating solutions. Since you are reading this, you can probably guess which one is right.

The Vicair X-Series cushion line and GlideWear are the latest seating and positioning solutions from Comfort Company. Montana-based Comfort Company has been developing state-of-the-art seating and positioning equipment since 1987. The X-Series is a full line of air cushions built around Vicair’s Comfort Cells — small, soft air-filled packets. The web site touts a new coccygeal insert, a contoured top surface and a different bottom profile as key differences from previous Vicair cushions.

“We are ecstatic for this launch and very thankful to our excellent customers, therapists, and end users for providing us all the suggestions and input in order to develop this new cushion line. Because we have developed a product that was asked for, I am very confident that the acceptance in the market will be overwhelmingly positive,” says Steven Dufresne, the vice president of product management.

The cushion covers also offer GlideWear, an “ultra-slick and extremely breathable material” placed directly under a user’s bony prominences to reduce friction and stress on the skin. In case you were worried about simply slip-sliding away, the company promises that the “Low Friction Zone” is balanced out by a “Stability Zone” that helps keep you in place. To see how it works, check out this promotional pamphlet.

If you are interested in the X-Series, talk to your doctor or therapist, or visit Comfort Company’s website.