FunSizedStyle: Beauty Vlogger with OI

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michaelaMichaela, a sassy beauty-obsessed teenager with osteogenesis imperfecta from Kawkawlin, Mich., has been blasting up YouTube with her fabulous beauty videos over the last year, and watch out world, her fan base has is surging.

It’s not every day you see a fashion vlogger who looks the away Michaela does, and I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons she is so popular. Incredibly short-statured and a power wheelchair user, Michaela is far from the architectural perfection of beauty, and that hasn’t stopped her from embracing the world of beauty, from high-end makeup and hair products to fashion.

She started vlogging in 2013, and her first video set the tone for what her video channel would be — simple beauty product reviews. Sure, Michaela has a disability — but it’s never made a focal point of her videos. Her very first video was a review of Victoria secret iPhone case and ear buds and her complaining about their customer service. Hellooo — all much more important things.

And you gotta love her personality. Michaela is so incredibly outgoing and confident and clearly passionate about what she’s doing. When you have that, whatever you’re doing is bound to succeed. Michaela is definitely part of the amazing millennial generation, the generation that’s giving the world so much hope. They mow down stereotypes left and right with no fear.

Since debuting her channel, in the first year alone Michaela, aka FunSizedStyle, has pocketed 801 followers. That’s a great number for her unique niche. And if you’re looking for a variety of videos, you’ll certainly get them with Michaela’s appropriately-named FunSizedStyle channel on YouTube.

And of course if you’re a fan of beauty products, you’ll definitely want to watch a few of her videos. She does a lot of “unboxing” videos where she opens new products she’s purchased while being recorded. Michaela has done reviews of brands like ipsy, Bonne Bell, Maybelline, Forever 21, Elf and Wet and Wild.

Michaela also does a monthly Q-and-A video where she answers viewer questions submitted via her Twitter channel or YouTube. And if peeking into her life via her beauty obsession isn’t enough, you can also view videos that Michaela has made that show the rest of her life, from summer vacations to her best friend, called Michaela’sMoments.

Perhaps the best thing about Michaela, even though her videos are pretty rockin’, is her personality, and that is why she has a big chance of making it big one day. She is likable in the purest way possible. What, that crazy orange striped nail polish is the bomb? If Michaela says so, I’ll believe her.

What beauty videos would you like to see referencing disability?