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Lynn Dorr

SCI Life: April 2014

Lynne Dorr: Science Geek Turns Soldier for Cure; Galileo rehab gear; ‘A Day in My Wheels’ Blog

Through The Front Door: Romancing the ADA

Through The Front Door: Romancing the ADA

Will the ADA put some sizzle back in Bob Pike’s social life? Will his date’s bowl of bisque be served by attentive staff in convivial surroundings, or will it be delivered in a paper carton at the front steps?

Delta Reaches Out to Passengers with Disabilities

In April 2008, Delta and Northwest Airlines announced they were merging, and the Northwest Customer Advisory Board was moved under Delta Air Lines. Delta’s reformulated Advisory Board on Disability held its first meeting in April 2009. I was asked to join the ABD and I accepted. The ABD is a cross-disability, voluntary board with 13 […]

Space Reserved – Manic-Depressive Only

There’s this guy in his late-model gray Mercedes parked in the Accessible Parking Space. He doesn’t have a sticker or anything, he’s just in a hurry. So what I do is pull in right behind him, blocking his way out.

Although more and more airports worldwide have jetways, sometimes being carried is the only way on or off the plane, as seen in this photo from Argentina.

Step-by-Step Air Travel for Manual Wheelchair Users

When traveling in a manual wheelchair, ideally it is most convenient to have someone drop you off at an airport or use an airport shuttle service such as Super Shuttle. The next best option may be to take some form of public transportation, but then you’re responsible for transporting your own luggage. Lastly, you may […]

Negativity: How Much Can We Afford? How Much Can We Afford to Deny?

Negativity: How Much Can We Afford? How Much Can We Afford to Deny?

Living with a disability can bring rage in many forms: anger at being infantilized on telethons, at being looked upon as asexual or incompetent, at being tied to Welfare in order to receive medical care. So how do we deal with this anger?

“The Strength Coach” Greg Smith’s chair was trashed by US Airways while he was on his way to a gig. Stuck without his headrest for days, Smith endured tremendous neck pain and couldn’t work. The kicker? It could have been avoided if the ground crew had followed Smith’s instructions.

Filing Complaints

NEW MOBILITY asked Kleo King, senior vice president of Accessibility Services and Able to Travel for United Spinal Association, to share her experience on the Air Carrier Access Act, the Transportation Security Administration, and airline accessibility.

Radio Kaos

Radio Kaos

For those safe in front of their televisions, the Ayatollah Khomeini’s June 1989 funeral was surreal theatre, the inflamed masses jumping and hitting themselves in the head, the trampling of zealots into martyrs. For most Americans …

Thank goodness Dorothy Nary knew to ask for a conflict resolution officer when a flight attendant insisted she put her ROHO cushion in the overhead compartment! The attendant backed down immediately. “But had I not known my rights, I might have ended up with my ischial pressure ulcer reopening,” says Nary, a research associate with the University of Kansas’ Research and Training Center on Independent Living.

Eight Tips for Easier Air Travel

Able to Travel’s Mary Peterson shares how wheelchair users can take control of their air travel experience.

Three Iconic Voices

Three Iconic Voices

Some of the best writers of a generation on Revenge, Identity and Putting Your Body on the Line.