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CamileHi there, I’m Camile Araujo and this is my blog, Changing Gears.

In order for you to have even the slightest interest in my blog, I guess it is only fair I tell you a bit about myself. I have been figuring things out since 1976. I am proud to say I have been around before the invention of the Internet, i-generation and rap music. I finalized the adoption of my 3 year old in 2013, but have been injecting motherly wisdom into her since she was 3 months old. I live in Coconut Creek, Fla., after having grown up on Miami Beach – when it was an undiscovered beach town/paradise.

I have been writing from a very young age, mostly to make sense of all the things that popped in my head — and now to make sense of the things that go on around me. In January 2006, I was involved in a car accident and sustained my spinal cord injury. I was a cop and was on duty. For the past eight years I have been given so many types of advice relating to life on wheels. Most of the time, I noticed that people like us work incessantly to change the mindset of those who are not “us,” those who do not have to go through what we go through 24 hours a day.

I wanted to create a blog that gives the reader a feeling of control of her own life — a little corner in the Internet where YOU, the reader, understand that you can try to change someone until you are blue in the face, and that change may never happen until YOU, the reader, change your own perception about who YOU are. Along the way the topics will vary, from projection to reaction to discovery of new talents and dreams to the execution of the latter. The cliches we live with serve a purpose, sometimes it is for us to break free from them, other times it is for us to dive deep into ourselves and discover a new side of who we are. Regardless of what happens around us and to us, we have control of what we make of those experiences. I am a huge believer in riding the waves of emotions and letting them guide me to a new level of consciousness.

In other words, this is a corner where I get to do the third thing I love the most (only after breathing and being a mom) – I get to write. In exchange you get to read some really cool stuff about how to change your attitude of being who you are exactly how you are.

Enjoy the ride/read!