‘Embedded Arts’ Infuses Art Into PT, OT

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artA biofeedback machine with an artistic side. Yes, that’s the inherent beauty of Embedded Arts, an interactive artistic element added to rehab that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Invented by researchers and therapists at Ohio State University, Embedded Arts gives people an entirely new way to experience their physical rehab session, and is perfect for anyone who’s an artist or more of a visual type of person. How it works is awesome.

The person receiving therapy, while doing an exercise, is connected to a biofeedback that is attached to a display monitor. She can also interact with the machine using a handheld clicker if doing an upper-body exercise. Which method, of course, is chosen depending on her therapy needs.

This abstract art was created by a person receiving therapy via Embedded Art.

This abstract art was created by a person receiving therapy via Embedded Arts.

As she works through her exercises, abstract paintbrush lines will appear on the display monitor, and will continue to color the screen in various colors as she moves. The real fun comes in when she figures out the tricks to creating art with the feedback machine as she works out, and challenges herself in the process.

The reason this machine is so cool — you get to work on your left and right brain simultaneously; both your creative and physical sides harmoniously coexisting. A rare thing to find in rehab indeed, and now the study has been proven to be safe and well tolerated.

Twenty-one people so far have been able to try this interactive technology. People with spinal cord injuries, those who suffered a stroke and anyone with any other neurological impairment could benefit from this artistic layer added to their rehab.

It’s always good to add a dash of newness to the rehab setting, and this artistic biofeedback idea is pretty awesome. It may not necessarily be your cup of tea, but for the artistic souls of the world, this is a great way to fuse something that’s necessary with something they love.

Watch it in action:

Would you try Embedded Arts?

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