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Image depicts the cover of Chelsie Hill's new book, "Push Girl."If you are a fan of the reality show Push Girls that follows the lives of a group of women with SCI, then you are likely already aware of the youngest Push Girl, Chelsie Hill.

An enthusiastic dancer before and after her injury, she’s the founder of Team Hotwheelz, a dance team for wheelchair-users. If you’re not familiar with Chelsie’s story, she was injured in high school, a passenger in a car being driven by someone under the influence of alcohol.

She became a paraplegic that night, but Chelsie’s future is brighter than ever, thanks in part to her starring role in Push Girls, the reality show that aired on the Sundance Channel. She’s had speaking opportunities, an article in 17 Magazine and now — one of the coolest things to happen because of the show — a book.

That’s right, Chelsie has co-written a book loosely based on her life, along with writer and high school teacher Jessica Love. The two joined forces last year to begin writing the novel, which is now completed and set to be released June 3rd, 2014.

What I find most interesting about this book is the in-between genre it falls in — it’s not non-fiction, but it’s not quite fiction, either. The main character is named Kara, and several other biographical details are different, but the book is inspired by Chelsie’s real life. I wonder what it feels like to write your story, but to modify it for entertainment purposes. Does one feel slightly disingenuous or hella creative?

I think it’s great this book was written, especially since it’s marketed toward girls and young women, a slice of the general population that could use more life lesson stories like this. The book also sheds light on other important topics such as society’s reaction to the disabled and building a new normal after an injury.

If you’re interested in purchasing Push Girl, pre-orders are now being accepted here. In the meantime, if you’re looking for other quality fiction on the topic of disability, check out this awesome list of recommended reading material.

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Would you write a fictional account of your injury story?

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