NBC Sports Paralympic Television Coverage Outstanding

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Photo by Ken King - Opening CeremoniesAs an avid Paralympic fan for three decades and a journalist, I’ve been hoping the day would come when I could use the words “Paralympic television coverage” and “outstanding” in the same sentence. That day has arrived. NBC Sports is doing an outstanding job of covering the Sochi Paralympics!

I understand some people are frustrated that much of the coverage is in the middle of the night, but the upside of this is the coverage is live.  Live, late night coverage is how I watched my first winter Olympics — at 8-years-old in 1968 — when my parents let me stay up to watch Jean Claude Killy win Gold in downhill, giant slalom, and slalom in Grenoble France. This had such a powerful impact on me I decided I wanted to learn to ski, which led to a career as a professional skier.

What is really cool is NBC Sports is also doing mid-day coverage all 10 days,  and the main NBC channel showed the opening ceremonies and will air the sled hockey final at 1 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, March 15

Thank goodness we live in the DVR age, although I seem to have developed Paralympic-induced insomnia and find myself waking in the middle of the night to watch mono-skiing and sled hockey cross country and biathlon. The coverage has been riveting and the commentary outstanding!

It is also very cool to see four major companies — The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, BP  and Citi Group running Paralympic theme commercials in constant rotation.

I highly suggest setting your DVR to catch the rest of the games!

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