SCI Life: How to Move On

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How to Move On
Rewind 13 years ago, and Greg Businelle’s life was looking pretty spectacular. He was 33, newly married and had a beautiful home on Clear Lake in Southern Texas. He had also just started his own consulting company.

Greg and Jill BusinelleBut in April 2000, Businelle, now 46, from Seabrook, Texas, broke his neck in a freak wakeboarding accident, and post-injury, he struggled. “Depression set in for the first couple of years,” he says. “This was hard on my wife and our relationship, but we did come through those times an even stronger couple.” His secret — not being afraid to start over again, which he threw himself into full force.

When he first returned home, he received a scholarship to get his master’s in business administration, and he and his wife moved to a new home in the area. He also founded a brand new company a year after his injury — Businelle & Co. — which designs websites and gives advice on internet technologies. He launched another company in 2006 with a college friend: a staffing company called Technical Business Services Worldwide.

But it has not been all business post-injury. He and his wife, Jill, started a family and now have Faith Ann, 10, and Presley, 7. “We were trying to conceive when I had the accident. Afterwards, we used in vitro fertilization to have a little girl and then a little boy two years later.”

Creating “how-to” videos are another thing that keeps Businelle busy, showing the world how he does things as a C4 quad. “How to wash your hair in the bathroom sink” is by far his most popular video. From his videos to his children, Greg has definitely figured out the art of moving on post-injury. Thank goodness he is also open to sharing his advice with the world.

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Adaptive Sports Store Aims High
Finally, a cool adaptive sports gear store you don’t mind giving your money to. Paratriathlete Jacob Sharff, a T8-11 paraplegic and athlete from West Palm Beach, Fla., has started up How iRoll Sports, an online adaptive sports store, and he’s aiming high.

hancycle dude 2His e-commerce corner of the Web is trying to grab business from giant medical suppliers by selling the latest highest quality adaptive sports equipment that’s currently available. Equipment like indoor roller trainers (push-rims) for racing chairs and custom therapeutic resistance band sets are available. Anyone in serious training mode will love this site.

How iRoll Sports also offers a whole collection of practical wheelchair parts you might need when on the road, as well as handbikes, handcycles, sit-skis and chairs for quad rugby, tennis and wheelchair basketball, all from suppliers he recommends. He also sells accessories like ankle straps (for swimming) and paratriathlon gear.

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The Ultimate ‘Stay There’ Solution
Don’t you wish there was an easier way to stick and fix your stuff? Sugru, a self-setting rubber for fixing, modifying and improving your stuff is the latest technology people with SCI are raving about. You can use Sugru to attach things to the walls, add grip to utensils and more.

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