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SCI Life: Discovering Wisconsin Her Own Way

SCI Life: Discovering Wisconsin Her Own Way

Jen Addis, 50 Marathons, Tablet Eye Tracking

The Bounder H frame model can go up to 11.7 mph.

Innovations: The Need for Speed

Whether we use an ultralight wheelchair, power chair or handcycle, many of us have the need for speed.

Crip Buzz: February 2014

Crip Buzz: February 2014

“I Got 99 Problems and Palsy is Just One,” “The Gorilla in my House” …

Bob Vogel

Para/Medic: Unna Boot Compression Therapy For Wounds

Q. A friend of a friend who is a T6 para gets swelling in her lower legs. Somehow she developed a sore on the outside of her lower right calf, but she doesn’t remember any pressure or trauma to the area.  The sore wouldn’t heal even though she spent months with it elevated.  She finally […]

Mike Ervin

Ervin: Not Crippled Enough?

I’m betting that pretty soon I’ll be seeing more fusion cripples with two or more crippling conditions that form a fusion name, like ampuquad.

Letters: February 2014

NM’s 25th Anniversary, Zumba, The Gift of Transportation