Letters: February 2014

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Zumba Rediscovered
About 10 years ago I decided to give Zumba a try and enrolled in a class nearby

[“Three Fun Ways to Stay Fit,” December 2013]. It was the most fun I’d had in a long, long time, but as I kept attending and tried to master all of the intricate steps, I kept tripping over my own feet! This led to doctor’s visits, tests, and eventually a diagnosis of familial spastic paraplegia and the news that it was progressive and that eventually I would lose my mobility altogether. Well, I gave up on Zumba, but your article just made my day! I will re-enroll in that little Zumba class now and dance from my wheelchair and learn a whole new kind of dancing. Thank you again, Corina [Gutierrez], for giving me back the joy and sense of flight that I get when I am soaring once again to the beat.

Donna Roy
via newmobility.com

The Gift of Transportation
[The following was in response to this Facebook post by Bob Vogel in December: “In my latest blog I solve the mystery of why I used to be bothered by “gift ideas for wheelchair users” lists, and offer a “gift ideas for wheelchair users” list of my own …”

Well. Bob, if you want to buy me a used Toyota Sienna wheelchair accessible van with an electric side entry lift and a transfer seat, I will supply the hand controls and I don’t even want a new one, just used. It should only be around $40,000! I have a better chance at winning the lottery! I’ve had 30 years of driving hand-controlled cars and breaking my chair down and transferring in and out in all types of weather. At 52, a van like that would sure make me want to go more places, especially in the winter. LOL! I can’t believe they even sell that many, because the wheelchair users I know can’t afford vans like that!

I guess I will be sticking to my hand-controlled cars, but it gets rough when just running 10-minute errands, getting in and out six or seven times in an hour. It’s tiring and can be tricky in the snow and ice and cold weather.

Alan Duboyce
via Facebook

[Editor: See “Basics of Buying an Adaptive Van,” in December NM for hints on how to improve affordability.]

What’s New in NEW MOBILITY for 2014?
NM Turns 25!
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the birth of NEW MOBILITY, an occasion worth celebrating! Some exciting events and changes are now in the planning stages and will come your way soon:

Coming in April you will notice that NM will grow in content, size and circulation. In addition to special contests and regular features celebrating our year-long anniversary, we will be combining and integrating our sister publication, Life in Action, into these pages so that we can reach more readers with a single magazine. Not only will we become the official voice of National Spinal Cord Injury Association, we will also expand readership among our audience of active-lifestyle wheelchair users due to any mobility disability. Our mission will remain the same, but our reach will grow by tens of thousands.

In December we will roll out our official 25th anniversary issue, the culmination of a year of planning and expanded content, and we are inviting our readers to be part of it. You may even find that our end-of-the-year anniversary issue will feature your story. Look for more details next month!