Go Anywhere with Pony Access, the Accessible Chariot

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Sand dune Forget saving up for that several thousand dollar all-terrain wheelchair and instead take a look at Pony Access, the world’s first and only wheelchair accessible chariot.

Simon Mulholland, a creative and kind soul from Exeter, United Kingdom, initially designed the Saddlechariot — it’s kind of like a pony-powered Segway — and now has decided to create a wheelchair accessible option.

Pony Access is a chariot with a platform that fits all wheelchairs, even heavy power chairs. All you have to do is roll on up, grab the reins and go. Now that’s an easy transfer!

The most appealing thing about Pony Access — other than it’s drawn by an adorable pony — is that it allows you to traverse terrain you could never cross in your wheelchair. You can take it to the beach and enjoy riding along the surf, even into shallow water where all your friends and family are hanging out, without any fear of getting stuck.

Shallow waterEven better, you can take Pony Access on rocky paths, “inaccessible” nature trails, golf courses, over acres of grassy land and my favorite — up and down steep hills. I haven’t gone up a steep hill since my injury. I bet it feels awesome. This is such a great idea and Muholland has done a lot of work in getting as many people disabilities using Pony Access as possible. He’s even traveled to London with it to it show off to Parliament.

Muholland especially loves bringing  Pony Access to kids with disabilities since like all children they deserve these exploring opportunities. If you check out his site, you can see the videos he’s made of kids enjoying his amazing creation.

Up and Down HillsHe also has dozens of videos showing all the places you can take it, as well as information on how you can bring Pony Access into your life. I’m not quite sure anything like this is available in United States right now, but it sure needs to be.

Creating a replica of Pony Access would be totally possible if someone really wants one without having to pay import fees. Having a pony with the right temperament is critical, too. If you’re serious, it’d be best to talk to someone who’s a pony expert, and if you live in a rural area, all of this should be easy to put together. If any of you do this, please let me know and send photos.

As someone who adores horses and similar creatures, I’m just in love with this idea. It’s refreshing to see an accessible vehicle powered by something other than electricity or gas. Let’s hope Pony Access continues to take off, with the product popping over here in the U.S. soon.

Where would you go if you had a Pony Express?