ssIt’s always difficult to say how someone’s life will end up after sustaining a spinal cord injury. For Sharina Jones, shot by a neighborhood kid when she was just 5 years old, she holds no ill will towards the boy, or her injury. A self-described “Push Goddess,” Sharina, nearing 30, has transformed into a strong and beautiful woman, and she believes her injury was meant to be.

Many people with spinal cord injuries end up feeling this way too as the years go by, and it’s not a lie to help ourselves cope with the situation better. I believe my injury was fated too. And when you’re injured when you’re only 5 years old, you have a lot of time and emotional growth left to do. Because of this, Sharina’s been able to adjust to her injury brilliantly, hence her book.

After her injury, her parents did something really cool – they tried as hard as they could to treat her the same.  She loved to go swimming and horseback riding before her injury, so her parents made sure they still did that as a family. A mid-level paraplegic, Sharina has been able to be near fully independent and not need PCAs either.  She’s also an accomplished wheelchair basketball player and handcyclist.

After high school, Sharina went on to receive her Bachelor of Science degree from Oakland University, then her Masters in Business Administration from Wayne State University in 2008. After graduating, she did something AWESOME and founded the non-profit, Think Beyond the Chair, an organization that brings education into classrooms on disability awareness. Definitely check out this site.

She’s also a great speaker, and was Miss Wheelchair Michigan in 2011. And for the icing on the cake, Sharina has written a book on her ability to move on after a traumatic injury called Push Goddess (love the name), and it doesn’t hold back.

Through the blood, sweat and tears, she shares it all. As for the cheeky title of her book, here is what she says is the definition of a “Push goddess.” “She’s a woman that is in the process of learning to know, accept  and love herself on all levels; Mind, Body and Spirit.”  I’ve heard a lot of disability phrases before; this may be my favorite yet.

And she’s gone on to share her “Push Goddess” wisdom with the world, even starting a new site for the concept. On her site you’ll find her official blog and merchandise with the push goddess logo, community stuff and a lot more. Check out the site link below.

I really love what Sharina’s doing – using her knowledge to help others in her very situation.  It’s not easy, but she does it so eloquently it’s hard not to stop and pause and admire her strength. Sharina, you go girl.

Have you read Sharina’s book?

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