Behind the Scenes: My Story About Chairskating (WCMX)

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Jon StarkI just want to gush about a story I’m working on about chairskating, aka WCMX. You know Aaron Fotheringham, the guy who backflips, frontflips and shoots over wide gaps for Nitro Circus? Turns out he’s just the tip of the spear, so to speak, and there are about 100 other chair skaters coming up behind him. I got interviews with three of the best of them: Christiaan Otter Bailey, Jon Stark and Jerry Diaz, complete with pics and vids.

What is WCMX? It’s a cross between BMX and skateboarding, best done with knee pads and helmets and a chair designed by Mike Box. It’s an energy drink laced with adrenaline. It’s any skatepark anywhere and smirks and beards and nice young men who take time to show very young children that their wheelchair can be a toy. That idea of a wheelchair being a toy came through in each interview, by the way.

The joyous rush of flying up a halfpipe, catching air and coming back down is something to live for, they say. It’s worth every single sprain and broken bone. Because, yeah, they fall. A lot. That’s part of skate culture. Fails are as important as tricks done right, and often more entertaining.

Look for the story in our January issue, including some specials we’re planning for the digital version.