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New Scholarship Fund for Students With Disabilities

New Scholarship Fund for Students With Disabilities

The Jim and Martha Greenwood Fund will provide $1.3 million dollars in scholarships for SIU students with disabilities who are interested in pursuing degrees in science and engineering.

Excuse Me, Does a Ladder Come With That Bed?

When I recently attempted a weekend getaway to Atlantic City, N.J., I found hotel personnel were shockingly uninformed about the very people accessible rooms were designed to service. Some didn’t see the beds as high at all. Others thought we all travel with motorized hoists or musclemen health aides to toss us in at night. […]

A Note About Hoyer Lifts and Mattresses

Hotels are supposed to have room underneath beds to accommodate Hoyer lifts, but David Smart, a C4-5 quad, says many hotels don’t seem to know this. That’s OK. He’s figured out a solution.  “There is no Hyatt in the country that has a bed frame that allows for a Hoyer lift transfer,” he says. “At […]

What’s It Like When I Get There?

We asked which chains have proven to be the most accessible for you and your family during your travels, and not surprisingly, the answers reflected the same pattern as our question about reliable reservations. But there were some differences. • Hilton Hotels & Resorts, at 67 responses, smoked the competition, and 27 of these were […]

We’re the Market, Not a Niche

International travel and inclusion design consultant Scott Rains says it’s time for people with disabilities to stop insisting we’re a market niche. “We cross-cut all niches and all demographics,” says Rains. “We cover all economic brackets and we’re traveling for the same reasons everyone else does. We date, we marry, we have families.” Our survey […]

Where’s My Room?

We asked which hotel chains are the most reliable when it comes to honoring a reservation for an accessible room and asked respondents to name as many as they wanted. Five percent answered, “none!” but most report having luck with the following chains: • Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Fifty-five of you responded that the Hilton […]

What Do You Mean By Accessible?

To gauge what respondents mean by accessible, we asked you to tell us about what’s most important, and gave the following six options: • Accessible toilets with plenty of space for easy transfers, 165 • Proper bed height, 143 • Roll-in showers, 138 • Accessible parking spaces close to the entrance, 124 • Accessible room […]