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sabWhen she was 20 years old, the now 21-year-old Sabrina Dellinger saw her life flash before her eyes. She was driving home from work and an animal ran out in front of her. She swerved, but lost control of her car, rolling it, breaking her back in the process.

She may still be in hardcore rehab mode (she went to Project Walk in California in August), but this passionate blogger couldn’t resist sharing her experiences with the world. She created her lifestyle blog Cattails & Cardigans, where she shares a whole host of information from her experiences as a woman with a disability — running into rude people when she’s out and about, or how she found her current boyfriend post-injury, to beauty product reviews and giveaways.

Her blog is definitely one of the most attractive I’ve seen representing life with a spinal cord injury. With yellow font and lush photos of her life, the world of Sabrina pulls you in, whether you’re disabled or not. As she states on her blog, “I’m all about breaking stereotypes and proving you can do anything you set your mind to.”

Her blog has hundreds of awesome posts too. Yes, her archive is like an enjoyable book waiting to be uncovered. While fashion and makeup certainly reign supreme, she touches on other things important in her life, like her most recent post on her sister adopting a baby girl, Olimae Faith (cute name!).

And her blog also has guest posts, as well as several posts on tattoos and music reviews. Gah so much good content to be had. You gotta love the sassy Sabrina from Tennessee. Her blog is beautiful, she’s articulate and confident, and I love how much of a fighter she is (almost reminds me of myself back when I was first injured).

She may get better again, or maybe she won’t. Whatever happens, her blog offers badly needed insight into how someone her age in 2013 carries on. Thank you Sabrina for doing your thing, and why yes, I’ll take that sweet tea.

Have you received any freebies from Sabrina’s blog?

– Visit her blog: Cattails & Cardigans

– Visit her YouTube channel: Sabrina Dellinger Life. Beauty. Fun.