We’re the Market, Not a Niche

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Scott Rains

Scott Rains

International travel and inclusion design consultant Scott Rains says it’s time for people with disabilities to stop insisting we’re a market niche. “We cross-cut all niches and all demographics,” says Rains. “We cover all economic brackets and we’re traveling for the same reasons everyone else does. We date, we marry, we have families.”

Our survey on hotel and motel accessibility proves Rains’ point. When we asked why respondents travel, 92 of 210 said for family vacations, followed by 68 for couple getaways and 39 for work-related trips. That’s a lot of family members, lovers and coworkers all benefiting from access technically needed by only one person.

We also asked what price range respondents typically aim for when booking a room: 72 said $50-$100, 95 said $100-$150, and 22 said $150-$200.

So much for the stereotype that everyone who uses a wheelchair is impoverished and alone.