Paralyzed Chicago Police Officer Making the “Best Apple Sauce In the World”

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jimJim Mullen has certainly taken a bad situation and turned it into something delicious. A former Chicago police officer shot while entering a home in 1996, Jim may be a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic and never able to be a police officer again, but he’s got something sweet on his mind – his very own apple sauce company.

That’s right, he’s forging a new career for himself – owner of the best apple sauce company on the planet, Officer Mullen’s Apple Sauce. “It’s like apple pie without the crust,” fans of this crazy good apple sauce say, and I can’t wait to try some myself. The recipe comes from his mother Audrey who made everything from scratch for their family when she when was alive, including apple sauce. Apparently, you can’t get any tastier apple sauce than this.  Talk about a great business idea.

So far the amazing Officer Mullen’s Apple Sauce has only been seen on the shelves of smaller grocery stores in Chicago and in the Midwest. It hasn’t been distributed any further than that, and that’s where his Kickstarter goal comes in. Jim’s set-up a Kickstarter goal, which began October 23rd, 2013, to one day be able to distribute his product nationally. He needs $25,000 in backers by December 1st, 2013 to make that happen. Watch Jim talk about his injury and Kickstarter goal

It may seem like a lot, but as they say it takes money to make money, and in the case of launching a food product. it takes a large amount of upfront money to make it reality. Hopefully Jim’s Kickstarter goal will be a success. It would be GREAT to see his little company explode (where’s Oprah when you need her?). He, his wife who’s still a police officer and his daughter who was 7 months old when he was injured, they all deserve it.

And to be sure, this dream of Jim’s is a long time coming. You can read more about it here, but he created his first jar of applesauce commercially in 2007, working hard to make Mullen’s Foods a success. I love this guy’s worth ethic.

Growing up I was obsessed with cinnamon apple sauce. It’s awesome seeing someone else in love with apple sauce too. I have a feeling once I try Officer Mullen’s I’ll forever be ruined for any other apple sauce, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Have you tried Officer Mullen’s Apple Sauce yet?

– Visit the Kickstarter page: Mullen’s Apple Sauce, Chicago’s Finest Craft Apple Sauce

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