Cancelled: Ironside Fell Flat

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 2, 2013The new remake of Ironside, featuring Blair Underwood as the paraplegic Detective Robert Ironside, has been cancelled after only four episodes.

As the show rolled into production, some wheelchair users were miffed that Underwood was cast when there are talented wheelchair-using actors who could have played the part. Darryl “Chill” Mitchell was mentioned, as was Mitch Longley, Toby Forrest and others.

“I know a well-known name like Underwood’s helps bring in more viewers (and the show plans on showing many flashbacks from when he was nondisabled), but having a famous actor isn’t always necessary,” wrote New Mobility blogger Tiffiny Carlson when news hit that Underwood would be playing Ironside. “I love Blair, but I would’ve loved to have seen an actor with an actual disability more than his sexy face.”

In the end it didn’t matter who played the famed detective. The show just stunk. “The cancellation has nothing to do with the guy in a wheelchair any more than House depended on House walking in a limp,” says New Mobility contributing editor and Hollywood insider Allen Rucker. “It failed because it was stupid and predictable in an era when dramatic TV is smart and unpredictable.”

Media writer Jeff Shannon laments the show’s lost opportunities in his Ironside Post-Mortem. “Accessibility, health care, discrimination, exclusion, sexuality — everything that’s important to us could’ve been examined in the context of a weekly, hour-long crime drama,” he says.

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  1. Chris Gallahan says:

    I’d love an opportunity to get a chance to be involved with any type of acting.I’m in great shape and most importantly have a “down to earth and open” personality.
    Chris J. Gallahan(

  2. Alan D says:

    I am glad it got cancelled!!! It is an insult to anyone who uses a wheelchair, including Myself to see someone playing a fake wheelchair user!!! It is an insult to The Wheelchair Community, and the show might have made it if they really portrayed an actual wheelchair user that is an actor!!!! Just Saying!

    • Tom L says:

      Alan, are you a chair user? I have been one for only 9-10 years. I thought this was a decent show. It did NOT matter whether he was disabled or not being an actor. Acting means you pretend to be something you are not if possible. Like the guy that played in Avatar was not disabled and many loved his role and acting it out.
      Have you noticed “The Push Girls”? They do a series on a cable network “Sundance” and I think it was an awesome show. Unlike those reality shows like the housewives and junk.
      Have you seen the beer commercial on the guys in the wheelchairs playing basketball at the gym? I didn’t even pay attention to the commercial for it being one. My ONLY thought was “why don’t I have friends like that”. lol
      There was a lot of issues with the media after it and them saying was bad for the beer commercial to use wheelchair users for the ad. I found NO problem with it at all. I thought it was awesome for a company to use that type of bonding between friends in a commercial.
      Being a chair user I find that some of the issues that other users have is mostly stupidity. I find that some of them have such a negative attitude that it reflects out so badly they cannot be accepted by the public.
      I have been seen flying down the sidewalks of my town being pulled by my dogs(11 MPH). People I run into at the stores have praised me and said I give them inspiration. Personally I love it. I tell them it is for the dogs that I do it. Honestly I get a thrill out of them when they travel that rate of speed too. lol

  3. Carr Lima says:

    Hollywood will have to destroy all it’s past portrayals of characters if this is the consensus. (Charleton was no Egyptian and Hoffman is no Savant) However, I agree with opening up the ability playing field!

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