Disney Ends ‘Front of Line’ Policy

Disney1013Disney Parks and Resorts will no longer allow patrons with disabilities to jump to the front of its amusement park attraction lines, starting October 9. The policy change is in response to recent abuses by a few people with disabilities who would take payment from nondisabled patrons and act as “guides” for those wanting to jump to the front of the line. Instead, Disneyland is instituting a new program where patrons with disabilities will be given a reservation equaling the average wait time for a ride.

“The abuse of the system is rampant, and the disabled access lines are often longer than the regular ones,” says Lauren Wilcox, a Disneyland regular, through New Mobility’s Facebook page. “Change is needed, and I think it will be better than it is now. However, what really gets me about all this media blitz is how we are portrayed as whiny line-jumpers. I would gladly trade my ‘front of the line pass’ for your working nervous system.”

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  1. clarence simmons says:

    For years I waited in lines without using my wheelchair!! I used my walker, it was extremly hard for me,In wanted to be with all of my family! I have not gone to any amusement park since 1995! Where I live I have enough problems just getting to my DRS. BUT EVERYTIME SOME DISABLED PERSON DOES SOME THING STUPID WE ALL SUFFER!!!I was just thinking about going to disneyland since they have been giving info on how too,at the ability shows! Now I don’t know?

  2. Eagle says:

    I’m not surprised to hear and read this! Its sickening when totally able bodied people basically panhandle and fake disabilities just to butt in line! People like this give legit disabled people like myself a bad name! I have been in a wheelchair with 2 spinal injuries for almost 7 1/2 years and I see this kind of stuff go down every single day; especially when people steal medical equipment to panhandle; butt in at free food places including soup lines; to scam free bus rides on the public transit and amusement places!
    Its too bad a good thing like this got ruined by dirtbags! Karma will take care of these people; just a matter of time!
    I see this here in Canada where I live all the time! I feel and hear your pain and frustrations too!

  3. Steven Luker says:

    I don’t know whether or not Disney has reversed its decision or not. It just seems as though there had to be a better way of handling it. For example, penalizing the ones who actually did it.

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