Thanks for the Memories: Disney Line Cutting

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It was announced yesterday that Disney is no longer allowing people who use wheelchairs, or anyone with some other obvious disability, to cut to the front of the line. This had previously been their standard protocol, and millions of people with real disabilities thanked them for it.

Last month it came to light that rich people were hiring people with disabilities to pretend they were related to them so they can take advantage of this rule.  These rich people didn’t want to have to wait in line like “the plebs” our society, and came up with a creative, albeit disgustingly unethical, solution.

lineI didn’t know his rule even existed until my first visit to Disney post-injury, and I must say, it made our day there a million times more awesome.  We got to go on probably twice as many rides, and we felt like rock stars every time Disney employees saw us and waved us to the front of the line. It always gives me some sweet satisfaction when there are obvious wheelchair perks, because as we all know there aren’t that many.

However, I would’ve been completely happy with waiting in line is long as there was some kind of temperature controlled area. Line cutting isn’t a must for someone with a disability, at least not for me it isn’t.  It is nice, don’t get me wrong, but just because I use a wheelchair doesn’t mean I’m allergic to waiting in line.

The only thing I’d be concerned about is being in a hot line with no AC, since my disability makes it hard for my body to control its own temperature.  For me, that’s only the only reason I’d “absolutely need” to budge in line, but I wasn’t about to brush off this awesome perk. Heck no. If Disney wanted me to go to the front of the line everytime I wanted to go on a ride, I wasn’t arguing.

But now, thanks to some selfish rich people they want us to go the back of the line just like everybody else. But hey, look at the bright side of things: We’re finally getting the equal treatment we’ve always wanted, heh.  Now we get to wait in line for 2 hours to go on the Toy Story ride (I’ve heard it’s a good one by the way) just like everybody else. Woo. Fun times. Where’s my line-waiting margarita?

Disney isn’t removing all special assistance from line-waiting, however. If you’d like, Disney will give you a ticket to let you know when your spot in line is ready, so you don’t physically have to wait in line.

It’s a sad thing though to see saw a huge perk completely go poof.  But Disney was in a hard place, and once this rule was all over the news, they had no choice but to take it away. It had been massively abused for years anyways. They always say nothing good ever lasts, and this line-cutting thing was one of the best.  We were lucky to have it for as long as we did, if you ask me.

R.I.P. disability line-cutting at Disney. You were the best.

What you think Disney should’ve done?  Was there a better solution other than removing the rule completely?