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8982903894_916392720a_nWhen I grow up, I want to be like Jordan Koeninger. This guy has it all – a loyal black lab, a sweet Jeep Wagoneer (now a Chevy) and a serious sense of adventure.

For the past four years, he’s been living in his Jeep as he criss-crosses the country, exploring the wild parts of North America. Justin, injured in 2000 in a snowboarding accident, decided to go on this epic road trip to hopefully understand more about life. “Maybe not in completion,” he says on his blog, “but more so than I know now.”

So far, he’s spent tons of time adventuring in Colorado and Utah, and spent most of this past winter in the Gulf (Florida), sailing off the coast in California, NY, Toronto, the Black Hills, SD, the list goes on and on.

And right now, he’s about to set off in a canoe from California, up to the Inside Passage, where he’ll make his way towards Alaska. Check out the map for his insane upcoming canoe trip

And the best part, he’s documenting his entire trip through videos he’s made, just him and his dog as they traverse the great outdoors. And his self-made videos are full of awesome. His crazy unshaven face, overall “realness” and humor make him so freakin’ likeable. Watch his video about being a van dweller

Candid? Without question, and all of his videos feel like you’re along for the ride. He documents everything. From camping and sailing across Salt Lake while making coffee at sunrise to crossing a stream on his butt and just him in his van showing where he sleeps, his videos are some fantastic entertainment. You can view his video travelouge on his YouTube channel – Adventure Videos

Jordan is lot of kick-ass adjectives. In fact, I think he may be one of the coolest paraplegics ever. He has no fear and he broke free from the same old 9-5 rut, brave enough to leave on a crazy road trip, and has turned his life into a literal ‘adventure story.’ He’s like Jacques Cousteau, but the solo awesome wheelchair version.

Speaking of water, Jordan’s ultimate dream is to take to the seas, just like feisty ‘ol Jacques himself. He’s hoping his great North American road trip will prove to a yet unknown sponsor that he’s capable to get a boat to take to the seas. Jordan’s adventure is having a great affect on others, even old quads like myself who’s seen it all. I’ve never run across anyone like Jordan before. Boy do I hope he gets that sponsorship.

In the meantime, he’s snagged himself one hell of a canoe and is about to head North to Alaska ho. I’ll be honest, the water and cold temps, I won’t be wishing I was with him on this particular leg of his journey, but I’ll be watching his videos the moment they go up. I’m now a loyal fan of this dude until the day I die now imho.

Bon voyage, Mr. Koeninger, and please…try not to end up like Mr. McCandless.

Would you be brave enough to go on Jordan’s epic adventure?


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