Adaptive sports clothing line debuts

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6f7fc139efb37c316871e546e5932987Wheelstrong, be strong, that’s the motto of a new adaptive sports clothing line that was recently launched by Matthew Celebreto, a paraplegic from Cranston, Rhode Island.

An adapted athlete himself, he plays sled hockey, the reason he created the new line of clothing is simple. “I got sick of seeing people wearing Nike and Adidas and decided we need our own brand.” Gotta respect that, and acknowledge it too. He brings up a valid point. To date, there has not been an adaptive sports clothing line.

Adapted clothing makers like Rolli-Moden and others have created a gym short here or an adapted work out tank here, but a line solely devoted to adapted athletes is completely new. And Wheelstrong is a great name. Simple yet profound. Are you wheelstrong today? Yup, I can see it on a t-shirt.

So far they’re offering tanks for the ladies, cropped-sleeve t-shirts for the guys and a basic t-shirt for all genders. And for you wheelchair racers out there, he also sells gloves and water bottles. Hats and a few other accessories are also soon to be available too.

The site of course is all about living as actively as possible, and they’re searching for workouts submissions from wheelers who may have a thing or two to share. And perhaps the coolest part – the Wheelstrong Girls page.

And yes it’s exactly as it sounds – a girl in Wheelstrong gear – and the current Wheelstrong girls are Rachelle. Love love love her. She’s a C6 quad and does Cross Fit. And the other Wheelstrong girl is Julie, a paraplegic who weight trains often.

If you workout, sportin’ the Wheelstrong logo might be in your best interest. It’s a cool saying, and you’re supporting a great business. And why wheel around with a multi-billion dollar corporation’s logo on you when you can sport a label that cares? Oh and hey, if they ever branch out into yoga gea, I’ll be ordering like a mad women.

Do you care about brands in your sports clothes? What do you think they say about someone?